Auditing Public Policy


Fintan O’Toole, in The Irish Times, writes:

At stake in the broadband scheme is what Robert Watt, secretary general of the Department of Public Expenditure, has called in an official memo “the unprecedented risks associated with this project”.

When was the last time unprecedented risk turned into a disaster for the Irish taxpayer? A decade ago. Whose fingerprints were all over it?


And who devised the outrageous model at the heart of the NBP?


As of January, we have so far paid KPMG, one of the biggest consultancy and audit firms in the world, €11.33 million for work on the NBP.

This is the way public policy is formed in the State now.

Good times

Fintan O’Toole: KPMG hoovers up fees as politicians forget everything (The Irish Times)

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17 thoughts on “Auditing Public Policy

  1. Nullzero

    Every time I hear mention of KPMG I’m reminded of that odious little brat “KPMG Daddy girl”. I’m guessing she’s the company mascot by now.

    1. bisted

      …if daddy was the ‘highest earning partner’ he must have had the public service account…

      1. Mickey Twopints

        Late 2012/early 2013 a video clip propogated showing some Irish young wan off her skull on gluhwein in some ski resort trading insults with a bunch of similarly underpriveledged “lads”. She repeatedly made a thing of her daddy being a top paid partner at KPMG.

        It appeared here on BS at the time.

      2. Ian-O

        She’s was a stupid child who made herself infamous by being a moron on camera boasting about how she was great because her Daddy was a senior KPMG partner.

        Made a complete idiot out of herself.

        1. GuessWho

          There was a story going around after that video that the dad left the company and she moved to Australia for a while. No idea if was true or not.
          Felt sorry for that girl, we have all said stupid things on the beer, she was a kid who made a show out herself and paid for it

    2. millie st meadowlark

      Well that was very enlightening. Thanks all.

      I went to college with a girl like her. Her daddy was Someone Important and I do believe she may even have asked the dreaded “don’t you know who I am??!” after a couple of tequilas too many.

  2. eoin

    That’s outrageous, Leo should commission another €450,000 PwC report so that he can establish who is responsible (a month today since the last €450,000 PwC report was supposed to reveal who was responsible for the scandalous over spend at the National Childrens Hospital….)

  3. Jake38

    These “consultancies” are fed taxpayers money by the public servants who are supposed to be doing this work, in a concerted programme of box ticking and, most importantly, ass covering.

    1. SOQ

      In the main, they are told the end conclusion and they go away and write a report which joins the dots backwards. Then if the proverbial hits the fan, they are the fall guys.

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