Amid growing doubts about how long she can survive, Theresa May rebuffed the latest calls for her to step down, saying talks with Labour would resume this week and changes to the political declaration – likely to include a customs arrangement, workers’ rights and environmental protections – would then be taken to the EU.

Brexit weekly briefing: panic as Farage polls highest for EU elections (The Guardian)

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10 thoughts on “Exit Poll

  1. Ben Redmond

    Until the British parliament decides what it wants with Brexit there seems to be no point about changing who leads the Conservative Party. Don’t blame Theresa May; blame the confused and confusing MPs.

    1. Rep

      The confused and confusing MPs just mimic the the confused and confusing general public who all want completely different things.

        1. Milk Teeth

          That’s the problem, its not that clear. It was by a very small margin (under 2%). More people didn’t vote to leave the EU than did. And from what people are saying now due to the time its taken to enact enough leavers have died to mean it would swing the other way (though take that with a pinch of salt). It also seems the leave side broke a tonne of campaigning laws.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Blame Cameron in fact. Bounced into a referendum by Farage and then high tailed it leaving a mess for his successor. May has a lot more gumption than him.

      1. millie st meadowlark

        Can’t +1 enough.

        Cameron is a worm. He deserves to be plagued by a thousand vague and unscratchable itches.

      1. SOQ

        Would it not be reasonable to assume that those who would vote Labour when there is the Farage alternative would be remainers?

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