Curb Your Enthusiasm


Last night.

The ‘Big Debate’ on Virgin Media One.

How was it for you?

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  1. colm

    Can I ask a question in hopefully a not JAQ-ing way?;
    How do non-EU people come into Ireland at the moment? I assume some are:
    – Student visas
    – Sponsored by employers
    – is there an ‘exceptional skills’ program?
    – claim asylum when they land and are now in Direct Provision
    – trafficked in sex or drugs-growing industry
    – people fleeing warzones or persecution via a UN program (a tiny number isn’t it?)
    For the rest, your average Brazilian or Pakistani or South African or Nigerian, what is their immigration method now and what was it during the early 2000s. All of them came through Immigration so what did they say when they came in?

    Or is it that they mostly came in through EU as EU citizens.

    Not a leading question, just genuinely wondering because there’s all this talk of freeloaders etc but my impression was that it was actually hard enough to get in and the numbers are small. Certainly relative to workforce if not relative to available housing. Like, if we ‘tighten up’ what is it we are tightening up on?
    Direct provision? presumably doesn’t impact the housing market given that they are housed in awful car parks mostly. (although the way DUblin’s rental market is going, it’s getting less relatively awful by the week)
    Student visas?
    Doing the right thing by people fleeing for their lives? Apart from those who are PTSD and need mental health assistance, these people are often so grateful to their host country they can end up being serious economic net contributors
    Or is there some other big entry-method?

    1. Qwerty123

      For the countries mentioned, generally tourist visa and never leave, we are not in Schengen so coming from other EU countries would not be an issue.
      Rest, a large portion would be “students” in these dodgy English language schools and never return.

      There was a lot of sham marriages also, especially involving men from Pakistan and eastern Europeans.

    2. Rob_G

      For Brazilians (and probably for lots of other nationalities as well, but Brazilians are the only group I can claim any insight) normally it is on a student visa to learn English. Attending language classes for x hours per week entitles you to work the rest of the week. The majority leave when their visa runs out; some do not…

        1. Rob_G

          Sure, maybe. But it’s actually really difficult and expensive to sponsor a non-EU citizen to for a work visa in Ireland, so I’m doubtful that this is case for the many Brazilians one sees working in the service industries in Ireland.

          1. SOQ

            Big influx from the Ukraine these days I hear, hard to believe they all have work visas.

            Still, they’ll probably put up with working conditions no Irish person would, especially if they are illegal.

  2. Dan

    Terrible debate. Maria Walsh comes across as thick, petsonasing everything, talking ovrr everyone.
    Awful person

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I petsonase, you petsonase, he/she petsonases? Is that how it’s declined?

      1. missred

        Petsonase – the new condiment made of unwanted pets. Throw a bitta Alsatian blend on me chips, there now

  3. newsjustin

    The big issue here is not immigration.

    It is how David is trying to self-start a “I went viral with my funny faces” campaign.

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