Don’t Touch The Hair


Ah, the 1970s – a decade when grooming, coiffure, bodily hygiene and so forth was no longer the preserve of women.

These – plastered to the walls of male hair salons everywhere – were the overgrown, overblown now-try-it-on-your-own styles that men aspired to.

May we never see their like again.

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13 thoughts on “Don’t Touch The Hair

  1. missred

    “May we never see their like again”

    This sounds like a merciful prayer, said by a doom-mongering priest in anticipation of the devil himself returning to earth.

  2. just sayin

    4 Steve Jobs
    6 Peter Sutcliffe
    9 Nicholas Cage
    10 Lemmy from Motorhead (or maybe not)
    12 George Lucas

  3. scottser

    If I had enough hair I would TOTALLY rock that elvis/benny from Abba look in pic 10

  4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    I’m picturing Alan Shatter under every one ah’ those dos

    Join me
    It’s a fun game
    Especially the blow dry and tongs lad with the dickie bow

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