I’m Not Drinking Alone



This just gin.

The Drinkaware Index 2019 report found that nearly 75% of people believe drinking to excess is part of Irish culture.

Over a third of under 25s say they binge drink on a weekly basis and most drink alcohol as a coping mechanism.

It also found that 44% of adults drink alcohol on a weekly basis.


One in five adults classified as a hazardous drinker – report (RTÉ)

Drinkaware Index 2019

23 thoughts on “I’m Not Drinking Alone

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    So 4 in 5 aren’t hazardous drinkers and less than half of us drink weekly?
    I think we need to up our game.
    *guzzles Buckfast*

      1. Ger Mc

        You can meet my two daughters.no drinking. It’s all marathons and triathlons. I can’t even have a sneaky drink when I babysit my grandkids.

        1. SOQ

          You will not smell of tobacco or alcohol in my presence, how very dare you? The New Puritanism has begun.

          Thing is- that exercise addiction only lasts as long as the joints and bones- and then what?

        2. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I marathons, still enjoying a drink in moderation when training, afterwards may be a different story….

  2. DaithiG

    The report says that a unit of alcohol is 1/2 pint. So 3 pints is excess drinking.

    Maybe I do have a problem after all.

  3. LuvinLUnch

    Union of Students in Ireland refuse to work with Drink Aware. They are the pretend resposible campaign of an industry killing 10 people per week. You’re too good for drink aware Broadsheet

  4. Ben Redmond

    Booze, sex and that dreadful Eurovision rock ‘n roll. People need more meaning to their lives.

  5. Boj

    Any suggestions as to the WHY of these stats? Nothing else to do? Escape from a crappy reality. Depression. Now that gives me a few more WHY conundrums! I do wonder so I do…

  6. Mickey Twopints

    Terrible infographic.

    Why the red band to highlight those who drink alone? Are people who live alone not supposed to have a drink? It’s not the “worst” category in terms of excess alcohol consumption, so is it just more of the same old trope?

    There’s very convincing evidence that we have a problem relationship with alcohol in this country, but let’s have adult discussions, not this bolleaux.

  7. Zaccone

    I’d really question the validity of these stats. Only 33% of 65+ year olds have had more than 3 pints, once, in the last year? I must be imagining all the oldies at every wedding I go to, nevermind the old man pubs.

    Only 18% of adults aged 25-34 in Ireland have 3 drinks+ in a night more than monthly? How are there still literally hundreds of pubs/clubs in Dublin rammed full of that demographic every weekend?

    Definitely respondents talking down how much they actually drink.

    1. Gerry

      I believe the over 65s. Nobody in my family over that age drank. The amount of old man not in pu s is much. Larger than the amount of old men who spend their time shuffling between the bar and the bookies. They also live longer.

  8. Gerry

    My healthiest drinking is the drinking I do alone as I rarely have more than 1 when home alone. Stigmatising this could encourage more drinking in pubs where people never have just one.

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