The Waiting Game


Fine Gael Midlands-North-West MEP Mairead McGuinness


Independent European Election Candidate and patient rights activist Olive O’Connor.


Olive O’Connor

7 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. G

    I like how so many election candidates appear to have mixed up the role of an MEP does with what a TD should be doing…

      1. Dhaughton99

        There was another who was on the Dublin debate who was only on about having to look after her child’s health. Another lad about abortion.

  2. Kolmo

    A real indicator of a barely hidden backward barbarity in our country, and it’s the same peasant-minded mé féin crackers who keep voting for the same clowns.

  3. Kingfisher

    It would be good if we got some, as the kids say, metrics. The staff now talking about going on strike could get together, union by union, hospital by hospital and produce a live feed of the number of people on waiting lists and the length of time before they’ll be seen for hips, knees, heart operations, cataracts, prosthetic limbs, child and adult mental health treatment, etc.

    The How Long for Health website with its rapidly turning wheels, à la Ireland’s debt clock ( would be one of the most likely things to get voters thinking realistically about what their vote will buy and who they should support to get this clustercopulation set right.

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