Via Michael McNamara, former Labour Party TD for Clare.


Michael McNamara?

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  1. paul

    While I’ve no problem with ‘taking care’ of a few mice if they are where they shouldn’t be, it’s not really something you put on social media. Same with the principal taking the jab at Fine Gael yesterday, grand to mention it in conversation but not put in a letter and sent home with kids.

    Time and a place for everything.

  2. Mickey Twopints

    What suffering? Have you ever seen how fast a trap has to be to do this? The animal dies instantly.

    1. edalicious

      Infinitely faster than the feline variety of mouse trap I usually have to watch.

      1. Mickey Twopints

        Or, far worse, the poisoned bait which many use. The pearl clutchers would be the first to jump up on their chairs if rodents were found in their usual restaurant or shop, at the same time blithely ignoring the fact that the professional pest control companies use bait stations containing poison which causes the animals a slow and painful death as they die from dehydration.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    His pinned tweet supports #Ilovenature which advocates for wildlife conservation.
    Jaysus the intellect of some of our politicians is shocking.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Wildlife conservation frequently requires the killing of wildlife you don’t want in order to help the wildlife you do.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yes you’re right Mickey, but when a deer is culled do the National Parks staff take a photo of the dead animal with gunshot and tweet it?

        1. Mickey Twopints

          Not to my knowledge, no. It wouldn’t bother me if they did.
          I am a meat eater – animals die every day to feed me, and I have no qualms about that either. My only concerns are that the animal was treated well in life, and killed swiftly.

          I’ll admit to having killed animals for fun in the (distant) past, something of which I am now deeply ashamed. Looking at pictures of hunters with “trophy” animals who were killed for sport (and not for conservation or for food) make me sick, but a picture of an animal who is a disease carrying and destructive pest, post mortem, doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

  4. Tony

    Sometimes it does and sometimes it just gets maimed and dies later. Either way, poor form gloating over it

  5. Finbar O'Connor

    This looks like a bank vole rather than a mouse (chesnut brown fur,shorter ears than a mouse, furry tai). The most famous example of the species would be the Water Rat from “Wind in the Willows” (though he was actually a water vole.) Bank voles do a lot of good by eating harmful insects and their larva and I don’t think they come indoors as frequently as mice do. They are also an important food source for owls and other predators. I use mousetraps myself but I can’t understand why somebody would post a picture like this.

    1. The Old Boy

      Bank voles are a relatively recent arrival (they hitchhiked on Siemens earth-moving equipment when the Shannon hydroelectric scheme was built) so they’re hardly “important” locally.

  6. SOQ

    That is twisted.

    My cat catches things and plays with them for hours- should I stick that up on Twitter too?

    Mind you, I have warned her to not touch next doors Yorkshire Terrier.

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