What Fresh Hell…?



Conor McCarthy tweetz:

Homeless numbers increasing everyday and Fine Gael candidates banging on about Tamagotchi, Fruit Salad and the Spice Girls. What a country.

In fairness.

32 thoughts on “What Fresh Hell…?

    1. Ted Bovis

      I know, the “Buh wurrabout de homeless, Joe” meme has been done to death these days. It’s like Peter Casey replying to a long stale post from a Ming parody Twitter account. Layers upon layers of “take the wifi away from Yer Da”.

      Edit: I’ve just realised the OP claims to be 23. Jesus wept.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Parachuted candidates to ride the crest of a perceived wave – the LGBT vote in this case – makes for bad politics. Same in Wexford where GAA folk are consistently parachuted by FFG into elections. Another perceived pot of votes.

      1. Dan

        Actually it is the only reason.
        Rose of tralee?
        Lying about her non existent wedding planning business?

      1. missred

        Worse I think, Penny appears to be a fan of chemtrails and things getting smashed with hurleys….

  2. eoin

    This looks so cack-handed that it is probably the slick FG PR people figuring turnout is likely to be low (52% in 2014) and anything to build recognition for their candidate is good. The animosity at the whimsy (at a time of serious national and international issues) of the video is more than offset by the candidate recognition. That’s what the FG PR people are after. Probably best to do what the NZ PM did after Christchurch shooting and just not mention the candidate’s name again, because each mention makes her a stronger candidate.

    Same with Peter Casey picking a fake fight with a fake Ming Flanagan twitter account. Nothing to do with the tweets, it’s to do with raising Peter Casey’s profile in a way which is neutral to him (he’s not going to lose votes for pretendy telling Ming off for his fake bad language).

  3. Spud

    Some of the replies are fantastic:

    ‘At least Polly Pocket had here *own* kitchen’

    ‘Remember when kids weren’t homeless?’

    Yet another seriously misjudged comms piece. What the hell is wrong with FG?
    Oh wait… quite a lot it seems.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    “hey, i remember the same things as you. soooo.. vote for me i suppose?”
    it seems to be a contest for who has the dumbest, most vacuous campaign video. it’ll work too, the electorate are impulsive dummies.

  5. dhaughton99

    But she’s not really a politician, is she? She’s just on the ballot so they can look progressive.
    It was the same with Maria Cahill and Labour

    1. Rob_G

      Well, she’s currently running for election, so by any definition, she is indeed a politician.

  6. Ian-O

    Obviously this lady has a personality disorder.

    Nothing else can explain the cognitive dissonance unless she is extremely stupid.

    Probably both.

  7. Holden MaGroin

    I will be avoiding FFG and voting for mostly Independent/Smaller parties tomorrow.

    My top two issues. Housing and Environment.

    You guys similar or nay? What say ye?

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