Another Fine Ness



A video from the Natural Museum of Ireland and Carlingford Lough Ferry highlighting “the natural beauty of Carlingford Lough and thee Cooley and Mourne Mountains that surround it”.

The video features Adrian Shine, naturalist and Loch Ness expert who was invited to the Lough by Carlingford Lough Ferry.

Adrian’s recent research and interest in Irish folklore “focuses on mythological-serpent like creatures known as horse eels in the Carlingford Lough region”.


Carlinford Lough Ferry

12 thoughts on “Another Fine Ness

  1. millie st murderlark

    My heart belongs in Carlingford. Many a summer weekend spent there as a youngin

    1. The Old Boy

      There was always a fine pint in PJ O’Hare’s, with people spilling out into the courtyard on sunny days.

      1. millie st murderlark

        I remember it well actually. I also remember in the pre-smoking ban era, how the air in there was almost soupy with the smoke, especially in winter.

        And you can still get a nice pint there in fairness.

    2. scottser

      isn’t there one of the nordie bank holidays they all come down to carlingford and go on the rip? apparently they’re all asleep by 6 o’clock – can’t hold decent strength irish beer.

      1. The Old Boy

        Easter usually, and the Whitsun holiday which is this weekend. Coach operators in Newry advertise day trips, but in recent years Gardaí have been confiscating drink and turning them back at the border if they’re full of underage drinkers.

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