17 thoughts on “Gender Balance

  1. paul

    Yeah, but if you take out the gombeens, it’s a much more even race.

    Is Tony angry at the women for not running, the men for keeping the women down or at the party for not fielding more women?

    1. Scundered

      Someone hasn’t done their homework regarding the differences in chosen careers between men and women, equality of opportunity is all that matters, not equality of outcome which is extremely unfair.

      1. Nigel

        Or rather what is it about the career of politics that makes one half of the population – the half that has been historically discriminated against – so apparently reluctant to engage with it to this degree?

        1. Dr_Chimp

          Because they prefer other careers and have different priorities in life that don’t fit with a life in politics. The long hours and competitive cutthroat nature of the business may not appeal to women

          Why do men generally not become pre school teachers, vets or GPs? Same reasons as above

          1. Nigel

            But that just looks like a whole bunch of guesses and assumptions based on somewhat stereotypical attitudes about gender roles. How can it possibly be accepted as plausible that so many women have all those exact same preferences?

          2. Dr_Chimp

            Because their preferences (careers, comsumption, leisure etc etc) largely reflect innate traits

  2. Dermie

    So you’re whinging why exactly? Because more men decided to run for election??? Muppet…

    1. Mickey Twopints

      I’d have expected to see a stronger representation of male pattern baldness, tbf.

  3. TheQ47

    Having a look through the elections around the country, there are 7 Local Electoral Areas that have no women standing:

    11 men – 0 women Lifford-Stranorlar in Dongeal
    7 – 0 Corca Dhuibhne in Kerry
    11 – 0 Newcastle West in Limerick
    7 – 0 Swinford in Mayo
    11 – 0 Athlone (Roscommon) in Roscommon
    13 – 0 Ballymote-Tubbercurry in Sligo and
    8 – 0 Roscrea-Templemore in Tipperary.

    To give that some balance, there are 15 LEAs with at least 50% women candidates on the ballot paper:

    9 women – 8 men in Ballymun Finglas in Dublin City
    8 – 4 in South-East Inner City in Dublin City
    8 – 3 in Blackrock in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown
    6 – 6 in Killiney Shankill in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown
    4 – 4 in Kildare in Kildare
    6 – 5 in Dundalk South in Louth
    6 -5 in Trim in Meath
    6 – 4 in Firhouse-Bohernabreena in South Dublin
    9 – 5 in Lucan in South Dublin
    6 – 5 in Tallaght South in South Dublin
    4 – 3 in Newport in Tipperary
    6 – 5 in Kinnegad in Westmeath
    7 – 5 in Greystones in Wicklow
    5 – 5 in Wicklow in Wicklow

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