How Soon Is Now?


From top: Belfast, London, Glasgow and the Project Arts Centre, Dublin

A year on from Repeal.

Shining a light on the UK Government’s “inaction on reforming Northern Ireland’s abortion law”.

Via Amnesty International Ireland

A giant heart – part of an Amnesty collaboration with Irish artist Maser, who re-worked his ‘Repeal the 8th’ artwork to say ‘Now for Northern Ireland’ – was projected onto the Northern Ireland Office in Westminster, The Mac building in Belfast, the Mary Barbour statue in Glasgow, and the Project Art Centre in Dublin – where the original repeal mural was painted…

Maser sez:

“By consciously making the Repeal artwork copyright free, the public were empowered to take ownership of it, I was a messenger watching from the side lines. With the people’s fierce collective energy, the artwork built huge momentum and spread across the state

Our friends in the north are now on their journey to revoke their outdated abortion laws. I am here to show my alliance, I am your defender.”

Amnesty Ireland International

Last night: Together Again

‘Now for Northern Ireland’ projections across UK and Ireland put spotlight on strict abortion ban, one year since Ireland’s vote to repeal (Amnesty)

10 thoughts on “How Soon Is Now?

  1. Spud

    Can imagine if they attempted that artwork up there, the ‘w’ would be painted over…

  2. SOQ

    Multi millionaire Morrissey has joined a English flag type thing while living where now? Spineless creep couldn’t come out as gay ffs.

    Still, one of my most favourite songs- I seen The Smiths five times in the one year in Ireland which was quite an achievement, as I had zero money.

    Nothing to do with the topic apart from the headline and… I share a lot.

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