Voting Out Tesco


This afternoon

Phibsboro, Dublin

Further to Tesco’s efforts to halt redevelopment of Phibsboro Shopping Centre/Dalymount Park…..

Paul McCarthy writes:

Voting underway in Phibsboro as a community decides how to fight back against a supermarket that sees fit to hold back vital development. #Texit

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Tally update:

This evening.

Paul writes:

81 votes cast between 14:15 -16:15PM. Phibsboro favors standing up to Tesco. Watch this space it seems…

10 thoughts on “Voting Out Tesco

  1. eoin

    Who organised this ballot?

    It wasn’t the developer, MM Capital, was it?

    The reason Tesco is objecting to the redevelopment is, according to the Irish Times, “the current design would see it unable to receive deliveries.”

    “Deliveries” would be fairly critical to a grocery business, I would say.

    If Tesco’s objection is unreasonable, then you’d expect the planning authorities to reject it, and they haven’t. In such circumstances, where an existing business has raised a valid objection, it would be pretty sneaky of the developer to play on the heart strings of locals with a stunt like the above “ballot”, though, as I say, I don’t know who’s organised the ballot.

    So, MM Capital, why don’t you change the design so that an existing business can stay in business.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Saw some of this and spoke with the organisers.
      They’re just locals who are pissed off with Tesco for total lack of engagement with either the developers, corpo or themselves.
      Seems Tesco prefer the crappy status quo at Phibs SC and won’t acknowledge any plan likey to affect their profits.
      Anyone visiting Tesco Phibs branch would not be surprised- its their worst.

      1. SOQ

        Good for them- boycott the place which shouldn’t be hard because it is an absolute kip.

        1. Bonkers

          possibly the worst Tesco on Ireland, though the one on Prussia St isn’t much better either

          1. SOQ

            My observation is that when Tesco own the building- service and choice magically upgrades, apart from the border region where the Germans are by default more popular.

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