Broadsheet On The Tally


This morning.

Royal Dublin Society, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Staff empty ballot boxes and begin counting the votes in the Local and European elections (where the Green Party are on on course to top the poll in Dublin, according to a RED C exit poll for RTÉ and TG4, above) and the referendum amendment on divorce.

More as they count ’em.

Last night: How You Voted


63 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Tally

  1. eoin

    Top pic

    #1 Ben Gilroy
    #2 Clare Daly
    #3 Gillian Brien (PBP)

    and the rest blank.

    ’twill be an interesting few days counting!

      1. bisted

        …Ben Gilroy made it unto Have I Got News for You on BBC at 9pm last night…maybe he got a late bounce…

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Top headline!

    Just a quick note: you appear to have duplicated the Dublin result for the European elections and missed the Midlands and North West.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Belated thank you, Bodger. I had typed it up earlier but managed not to press send.

        Must be all the excitement :)

  3. class wario

    Presiding over housing, homeless, hospital and myriad other crises is clearly not enough to dissuade people from voting Fine Gael.

    How on earth did Walsh manage 40%???

    The new bastion of supposedly conscious liberalism in Ireland that is the greens will be decimated in a few years after propping up FG or FF again.

    1. realPolithicks

      You’ve summed it up in a nutshell cw. The greens will join a coalition government with some configuration of ffglab get a couple of useful things done but also prop up a right wing party to the extent that their “voters” will lose all faith in them and give them a good kicking next time around.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        hopefully they’ve learned a lesson from last time round – not quite so, eh, green nowadays

      2. Nigel

        These were local and European elections, not a general election. If the electorate keep returning FF and FG then smaller parties and independants will be goaded into forming governments with them in order to be taken seriously as grown-ups interested in governing, so every awful right-wing thing FF/FG does will be seen as a dreadful betrayal rather than what happens when the electorate apparently prefer coialitions of ideologically divergent parties.

  4. Col

    All commentators on RTE and newstalk are now saying “it’s clear environmental issues are important to people”, as if all FG needs to do is paint a few bike lanes and look into renewable energy.
    I voted green because they were the only ones in Europe & local elections to talk about rental prices, house building and providing a proper infrastructure to support city development.
    Again, FG are being let off the hook for their consistent, years long failure to address what they admit is a crisis in housing.
    I’d be interested to hear what other people’s reasoning behind voting was.

    1. Andrew

      Well you wasted your vote then. The Greens are as much part of the establishment as FF/FG. You bought in to diversion politics. Excusable if you are 18-24, less so if you’re older than that

    2. Ronan

      I voted green in Europe because I watched the debate for Ireland South and most of the people were idiots and/or shills for the IFA claiming farming is not responsible for emissions. O’Sullivan, the Green candidate came across well, and Europe is a good place for green politics.

      I wouldn’t vote green in a GE (again) and they got an 8th pref from me in the locals.

  5. Mickey Twopints

    How does the count work for the “backup” MEP candidates, the ones who will be given the gig if/when Brexit actually happens? Although I’d done my homework before voting yesterday, there were a couple of faces on that ballot paper (first time independents) I had never seen before.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    the spin already begins. The green wave. Seemingly it’s because of people’s concerns with the environment – only.
    On a more realistic note, it’s votes being taken away from FFG because of the housing, wastage of money, health etc.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          At the moment
          The sources for the Green Bumps seem to be the Shinners and Indos

          Like look at Cuffe in Dublin and the collapse (apparently btw exit poll Health warning) of Lynn Boylan’s
          Alex White must be feeling a bit shafted too
          Although I think FG will count stronger in the morning
          It’s fairly obvious that the eFFers have improved their Dublin game

          And over in MNW Luke is down apparently
          And I don’t trust McGuinness’s exit

          Similar in South. Liadh is down and it looks like Gracie Green has picked off a few %s from a few of the main Parties

  7. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Cupla notes folks

    When the dust settles mid week
    It might be that the big loser will be Sinn Fein
    If there’s any semblance of reality to that exit poll – you’re seeing a -13% on Lynn Boylan’s vote alone
    (And don’t let them blame Clare Daly – Nessa Childers in ’14 had the same’ish % 1st Prefs as that Exit is giving Clare)

    FF are in a bit of a tissy, low %s in every box pretty much, but I think they’ll wash their face. So maybe now they’ll believe me about the damage that 2017 Ard Fheis did to them.
    And if Barry gets in, they’ll see that as a big win in Dublin, and they’ll squeeze every bit they can out of it, and him. So ye can look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more of this member of Andrews Family.

    Can’t back this up: just internal gossip from the RDS.
    The Blueshurts are blaming the spend on the Rural Band to explain their less than spectacular exits.
    Could it be that the Dubs don’t want the culchees getting taxpayers money ahead of them?
    But it might be something, cause McGuiness has done eff all only appear on the telly morn noon and night- and there she is bathing in circa 25%
    Leo won’t be happy.
    A Flaccid Pole in his own backyard doesn’t work for his leadership style or tenure.

    Something else I can’t back up without getting people into trouble
    But it’s kinda funny
    “Apparently” a supporter and activist for an Independent
    Not unknown to this parish
    Got a bit cranky in his polling station yesterday when she wasn’t on the ballot
    He got a bit emotional, suggesting t’was a fix, and corrupted, any well, ye can imagine,
    Stuff about false bottom boxes and unmarked vans, disappearing ink and fake ballot sheets
    Anyway. I won’t say the exact polling station

    But it was in Co Meath.

    1. eoin

      You’re right about SF being a big loser V, but only in a % sense in the Euros. In 2014, they could have gotten two candidates over the line in both Dublin and South, four, plus one in MNW. Instead, they fielded just one candidate, all relatively unknown, in each of the three constituencies and all three romped home in relative comfort.

      What has happened this time is their %s have shrunk but they still have just one candidate per constituency and they should get all three over the line. They’ll tout that as a success and, when added to their one expected MEP in the North bringing them to four MEPs, they may exceed my predicted three FG MEPs and that would be a big score for them, but the serious people in SF in the South will be worried about the % collapse (SF in the North thinks it’s invincible)

      SF will better see the % collapse in the locals. I’d say they’re heading towards 120 seats, down from the 153 last time.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Really ticked off with RTÉ there now
        Doing their LE round-up
        Sloppy and cheap

        Lad coming from Athlone Studio gave specific name mention to all the FGs and Greens
        but when he mentioned a particular location where He specially noted “solid FF election machine”
        And the 2 FFers” look set to top the poll.”
        Yet wouldn’t even name them
        I noticed cause one of them is my pal

        But I’ve noticed it there again in the studio there with Dobbie
        Very poor research and background on anyone that hasn’t been fed to them from advisors, lobbyiests, pals and producers.

        To be honest yerself meself and John Preposterous would have done a better job with a few copy books and coloured biros than Dobbie, JP Phelan and Calleary.
        That feckin eejit deputy FF leader couldn’t even name his own party candidates
        Cheezus wept

        Btw Greens look like getting 4 in Cork CC
        Up from zero
        Hup ya bhoya Dan!

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Agree. RTE not with the political mood at all. Plus they had Lucinda Creighton on giving opinion….I kid you not.

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            I know
            I couldn’t feckin believe it

            Lazy Broadcasting
            And pre-prepped convenience news and views
            And their pals of course

            FFS, there now
            Mickie Martin not even knowing his own Dublin candidates
            Who are doing well
            You’d think himself and Calleary would have been pulled up on it

            No reason in this day and age not to have direct reports from the count centres
            Or to have backgrounds on the candidates
            Even via their Facebook profiles

            Exception tho
            For Ingrid Miley
            Who just gave a fabulous
            Details and Common Sense speak
            Report from the South East
            All %movements covered and explained with background and without hesitation
            She named candidates like she knew them
            That’s the kinda roundup that informs the voter

    2. Emily Dickinson

      I’d agree that the broadband issue has hurt FG, but not because of any urban/rural divide. The party’s unspoken pitch to the electorate is that it’s more competent and less corrupt than FF. The broadband deal feels like Lowry 2.0. Throw in the gross overspend on the NCH and the party is haemorrhaging credibility with the very people most likely to vote for it.

      And perhaps therein lies at least part of the explanation for the success of the Greens, who are fishing in the same pond of urban middle-class votes.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        But you know what

        The Greens were out going door to door since Christmas
        Canvassing voters on their doorsteps
        Asking for their vote or at least a preference

        The blueshurts are too occupied looking down their noses on the everyday voter
        Like it’s beneath them to have to ask

        Videos and Tweets are handy
        Fancy ads and photoshopped posters make it look like you’re canvassing
        But they don’t promise a scratch on the ballot
        Face to face with the voter
        Still is the only way

        Earlier today RTÉ lad referred to an FF election machine
        (he was talking about South Kildare /Kildare Town Athy area which is now part of Laois in the next General)
        And I can promise you that’s a 100% boots on the ground machine
        Graft for the Constituents and the Constituency
        And knowing their Constituents and Constituency

        I can speak to this ’cause that Councillor is my pal
        And she swears that direct contact, actual outcomes for Constituents, Visibility and Availability is what voters remember inside the booth

        Not your poster or podcast

        1. Cian

          I agree.
          I gave my 1st and 2nd council preferences to candidates that called to the door. 1st was for a Green.

  8. Rob_G

    Delighted to see the Greens doing so well. Also glad to see that that spoofer Boylan is unlikely to be returned.

    1. martco

      yeah, and sure at least there’ll be a nice fat seat for exonerated photoshop Frances, wha?

  9. Lilly

    Just had a friend on the blower complaining bitterly about public servants taking holidays from work to hog the lucrative returning officer and count nixers. She’s unemployed ( but not on benefits) after taking time out to bring up babies and could have used the work. She applied – well qualified in her former life – but wasn’t successful. Instead the gigs in her area went to gainfully employed public servants. She reckons they get paid €400 – €500 a day. Seems unfair alright.

    1. eoin

      “She applied”

      Where? I always wondered how these people were recruited. Is there an ad someplace or is it like the Gardai when they’re auctioning off seized or recovered/unclaimed property and you have to be in the know to make a bid,

      1. Lilly

        I haven’t a clue Eoin. Don’t they have to advertise everything these days, I presume people on the lookout spot the ads and know where to look. I think the Gardaí even advertise those bike sales.

  10. Termagant

    I thought it was going to be a big day for FF at FG’s expense, since people have short memories and don’t remember how it was the last time FF and the Greens were in charge

    But it turns out they have even shorter memories than I thought, since they can’t even remember the present day

    1. Nigel

      Most people don’t remember how the Greens were right about just about everything during the boom years but the electorate waited until the very last minute before giving them any power, handing them the obvious poison chalice of being inexperienced junior coalition partners on the cusp of a crash with a party that had been in power for fifteen years and expecting them to somehow cushion the blow of a global economic meltdown and oppose the high-level political and financial fixing hidden behind the chaos and the panic. They were practically set up to fail, and they accepted the role in good faith because they honestly thought they could do some good, and they were punished for it and now they’re back, and I hope they won’t make the same mistake again, but feck almost every other party and most independents, they don’t give a feck about the environment or about climate change. Personally I would have loved to cast my vote for the radical candidates who want save the environment by dismantling capitalism and have presented a realistic plan of acheiving that quickly through peaceful democratic means but they must have accidentally forgotten to run.

      1. Emily Dickinson

        Nigel, I think you’re being too kind with respect to the Greens & their time in government. Purely in terms of the environmental agenda, they delivered nothing. They didn’t even pull the plug on generating electricity from turf, which was always indefensible.

        And as to the ‘poison chalice’ of propping up FF, they knew the score. The Mahon tribunal was in full swing and Bertie’s racecourse winnings were fresh in everyone’s memory. I suspect the guys at the top of the party wanted power as soon as it was available to them and at almost any cost, like the Labour leadership a cycle later.

        It’s interesting to speculate as to why the electorate has suddenly, almost out of the blue, decided to look past that track record. It’s certainly a mystery to me.

        1. Nigel

          The electorate also knew the score when they put FF in a position to form that government, and were they really in the dark about FG when they decided they were the peple to run austerity? So that’s the democratic will of the people, and when the Greens went in with that shower of utter pustules, they were, believe it or not, respecting the democratic will of the people, even though they knew they were likely scuppering themselves. Is it really that much a mystery as to why ten years later with a raft of mostly new and mostly young faces the electorate might see them as a rare viable alternative in a moribund political deadlock?

          As for their environmental agenda I too am mystified as to why the junior coalition party in the government of a country sliding down an economic precipice weren’t able to completely radically overhaul a near century of environmental neglect, complacency and outright destruction in the couple of years they had.

  11. ReproBertie

    Hazel Chu tops the poll and is elected on the first count in Pembroke. Didn’t some genius tell us on BS that she wouldn’t get a seat?


  12. Lilly

    I hope you all took a break from the tally to watch Tommy Tiernan. Great show tonight! I loved Kellie Harrington – if I had the stomach for boxing, I’d cheer her on. Eddie Lenihan was great too, talking about Irish place names (people building houses at Bun na hAmhain and wondering why they flooded)…

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