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  1. eoin

    “Leo Varadkar’s government is preparing to fight up to four Dail by- elections this autumn” says the Sunday Times but you have to read well down into the article to establish that only one of the four by-elections is to replace a FG TD (Frances), the other three beingf FF(Kelleher) and I4C (Daly, Wallace).

    So, the implication Leo’s 49 TDs and 57-TD govt faces collapse over by-elections is rubbish. He’s facing the loss of one TD (Frances) and he has the opportunity to add three TDs net.

    Second week in a row for a highly misleading front page story in the Sunday Times.

  2. eoin

    If I’m counting it right, there’s a 33% reduction in articles in the SBP this week compared with a year ago. Another Times Ireland journalist has jumped from the frying pan ship, Peter O’Donoghue and John Walsh join recent migrant Aaron Rogan.

    There’s a lot of turmoil in the Irish press at the minute with the demise of the Times Ireland and the SBP faltering (word on the street is, circulation has dipped to 20,000). The Sindo and Indo are shedding staff, as are the Mail and the Sun. The only news organisation that seems to be bulking up is RTE (thanks Denis Naughten for the dodgy state-aid €7m and Josepha Madigan for the €4m orchestra dig-out, what can we do to repay you).

  3. eoin

    None of the Sunday press can hide the fact the election results (Irish and UK) aren’t yet finalised, especially the European seats, so what you’re getting is a lot of dodgy analysis based on predictions which will go down to the wire in some significant cases.

    Maybe check back in next Sunday for a more formed analysis of what’s going on.

  4. eoin

    “We had one glass of one before going out and we had just one glass at the hotel. As far as I am concerned the matter is now closed” says FG TD Maria Bailey in the Sindo (in fairness, the Herald and Indo, both part of INM have been excellent on this story last week) about her withdrawn personal injury claim against the Dean Hotel in Dublin after an incident on a swing.

    Is the matter “closed”? The Dean Hotel is looking for €20,000 legal costs says the Mail and there are mutterings online about what legal recourse there is against litigants who might have over-egged their claims in personal injury cases.

    You can see all the Sindo articles for free now at

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I’ve seen wine glasses that can hold between a third and a half bottle of wine. Was it a wine glass she had in the hand while on the swing?
      JosephB keeping stum.

      1. eoin

        She tells the Sindo she was holding “a bottle” in one hand at the time of the swing incident.
        “bottle” of what, she doesn’t say, but it’s unlikely it was travel-sized perfume bottle. But look, she wants to draw a line under it, she was just standing up for her rights and has now decided not to and she paints a fairly pathetic figure in the Sindo. I mean, look at her there, she’s totally disfigured. Did she have to get an implant or metal pin in her chin after the accident? Poor woman, she looks like Jimmy Hill.

        1. Catherine costelloe

          Alan Farrell FG got awarded 2,500 for “very minor injuries” according to the judge some months back. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose …..timing is everything Ms Bailey.
          Insurance claims cheats us all ;- certainly far more than welfare cheats on less than 200 euro a week.

  5. eoin

    I suppose with the hollowing out of the Irish press, we’ll have to get used to discussing vaguely relevant international issues. The Sunday Times reports on the surveillance culture in China completely oblivious to the omnipresent recording, face-recognition & number plate recognition CCTV, email/phone snooping, heavily-armed police force they now have…. in the UK.

    1. SOQ

      Correct. Since 2016, the UK has the most sweeping surveillance powers in the western world. At the time, Edward Snowden tweeted: “The UK has just legalised the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes further than many autocracies.”

  6. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    * glances at the comments section and sings *

    ” All Eoin again… naturally”.

    1. SOQ

      Ah leave it out Bertie- Its good to read informed views other than the official lines and certainly better than the trolling that went on here a few years ago.

        1. eoin

          “I am the very model of a modern Major-General,
          I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral”

          Thank you Bertie, you’re a gent!

        1. rotide

          Eoin basically just vomits out large tranches of the papers, highlighting portions which give any sort of Credence to his own particular quixotic obsessions.

          Any time he tries to put this own spin or facts, he’s frequently wrong and usually veers into the realm of conspiracy so favored by a large section of commenters here.

          It doesn’t surprise me at all that certain people enjoy his contribution to this particular echo chamber

          1. Johnny

            “Little Flower” -you ok there grandad!
            Keep up the great work Eoin,congrats Celtic,the greatest club and supporters in world.

          2. bisted

            …great work indeed eoin…perhaps you should try the gratuitous soccerball references…

  7. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    It looks like a great day for The Greens, a mixed bag for FF & FG.
    Lab will be happy to have representatives on councils where previously they had none.

    But is was an awful day for SF/IRA and some of the hard left nutters.

    This election, in fact most elections in Ireland, show just how out of touch the lefty loopers on here and thejournal.ie are with the wider country.

    Mary Lou has had 2 elections, and both have been flops, I hope they don’t get rid of her too soon, she’s doing sterling work.

    1. SOQ

      Mary Lou wished the Greens the best in their success which IMO was quite a classy hat tip. As leaders go, Mary Lou has a very difficult job because SF are a broad church and pleasing all of them all of the time would be downright near impossible, especially the old guard.

      Speaking of which, apparently FF are loosing the younger demographic. Now I wonder why that could be. Any ideas Micheál?

    1. deluded

      Very informative Giggidy.
      Nice to see racist gobsheens being dismantled point by point.

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Ellie Kisyombe not happy with the Social Democrats leadership. Must be something to do with her versions of her life story.

  9. Gabby

    Is there a future for printed newspapers? Is the availability of online, radio and television news & views the only reason people have stopped buying newspapers?

  10. eoin

    Are we not going to talk about the Exit Poll result from Friday night, when Red C asked about support for a reunified Ireland? 65% in favour, 19% against and 15% don’t know/refused. Exclude that last category and it’s 77% in favour, 23% against. That opinion poll supports the opinion poll by Senator Mark Daly which many had previously rejected as unsafe.

    A majority in the North are also in favour of a united Ireland *in the case of a hard Brexit*, which, if you look at the candidates likely to take over from Theresa May, looks quite likely.

    Could we have a reunified Ireland by Christmas? It would do away with the stampede to Newry for cheap booze.

    1. rotide

      Even the most wildly optimistic Republicans would laugh at a United Ireland by Christmas

      You might have noticed that SF support has nose dived, so that poll should be taken with the same pinch of salt that you treat so the other polls that you don’t like

      1. paddy apathy

        it’s not just sf and sf supporters that want a united Ireland don’t ya know.

    1. martco

      @Lilly stop listening to Marian, it’s bad for your health

      lemme guess tho – misunderstood Bertie is joined by Prone, Eamon Ryan & some media friendly eu goon like Hayes?

      stop listening to talkcrap, it will only wreck your head in return for little/no value..if there’s a bit of sun where you are, get out & enjoy it. stop listening to talkcrap

  11. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    For anyone who might have shared my doubts about the exit polls

    So far it was 5 points off the referendum result
    On a basic yes no

    And the LE eFFs are now looking like being 5 points higher

    Those two alone have shredded the margin of error of 4

    The polling must have had an early shut off, maybe around 6, so didn’t trap a big swing of voters

    One call that has absolutely crystallised
    The voter has returned to main parties and the old reliables

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Looks like I was right about those exits

      I told ye Francie and Cuffe would count closer to each other
      One’ah the lads will be along to tell ye so tho’

      Probably Derek

  12. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Can I drag ye’re attention over to the inevitable by-elections
    Assuming Fitz and Daly’s seats in Dublin
    And Billie’s down in Cork
    Unlikely but just in case – Mick’s too (in which case Malcom Byrne will fancy it)

    Will the eFFers find their balls and go all out instead for a full General in early Autumn?
    And catch the Shinners on the hop and before they get a chance to regroup?
    Or will they target those seats

      1. Cathal

        Last week on Primetime they said there was only 6 candidates for 5 seats in his area. John O Donnell topped poll in Milford. RTE door stepping him while canvassing with his mother probably helped

        1. Rob_G

          The fact that only 6 candidates ran for 5 seats would suggest to me that LEAs need to be consolidated further.

          I wonder how bad that 6th candidate must have been…

          1. Brother Barnabas

            mcelvaney still got 1,139 first preference votes

            how many idiots can each village have?

          2. bisted

            …just thinking Lowry, Mattie, AK47, Barabas…easy mistake…would you be anything to the Heay-Reas?

      1. Otis Blue

        Pro tip – Never, ever trust a man that refers to himself in the third person.

      2. realPolithicks

        Extraordinary stuff, the guy is caught on tape looking for bribes and when he’s caught its rte’s fault. All I can say is that these people get the politicians they deserve.

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