A Limerick A Day


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, above with Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey, has said her claim against a Dublin hotel has caused “reputational harm” to Fine Gael.

If you’re planning to sit on a swing
You may want to remember one thing
Hold on with your hand
And all will be grand
Don’t fall off, continue to cling

John Moynes


21 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

          1. Ian-O

            I loosed my eye the other day. Luckily its microchipped so I have tracked it down to a síbín in the Burren.

            In relation to the article above, ha ha ha.


  1. Paulus

    A young FG hopeful called Bailey
    Had some wine and then behaved gaily.
    But there followed a tumble
    For which she must not grumble
    But instead should atone for it daily.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    She though an award would be handy
    Her bank account it would get expanded
    It not a good thing
    Attempting to swing
    And drinking a beer and wine shandy.

    1. martco

      jasus @Giggidy that’s dreadful, a bit D- in red pen for that effort!

      but I will join ye all in a

      ps. I heard P.R. FM (Marian Finucane) concocted a 15minute “I feel sorry for her” / “everyone deserves their good name” slot on her show yesterday for Maria…I’m tempted to but I can’t allow myself a listen back for it
      maybe a gofundme campaign too who knows

    2. Cian

      3/10; line 2 doesn’t rhyme. How about (building on your effort):

      She though an award would be fine
      when she hurt both hips and spine,
        It’s not a good thing
        Attempting to swing
      while drinking a beer and a wine.

  3. Kdoc

    Keeping shtum should have been the advice; I think she sealed her fate with that interview.

  4. Hector Ramirez

    Cervical smear scandal, homelessness, vulture funds, co-living… etc

    But it’s Bailey that has caused the ‘reputational harm’…

    This is why/how FG are out of touch.

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