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From  left: Maria Bailey, Kate O’Connell and her sister Mary Newman-Julian

Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell changed her Facebook photo mere moments after her friend and colleague Maria Bailey’s interview with Sean O’Rourke.

The Dublin Bay South TD’s ‘cover photo’ was a picture of her with her sister Mary Newman-Julian, a Fine Gael election candidate for Tipperary, and her close friend Maria Bailey.

It had been her Facebook ‘cover photo’ since March 24.

But at 10:32am on Monday morning she switched it for a group photo without the now-controversial figure.

De-profiled: Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell removes Facebook photo featuring friend Maria Bailey minutes after RTE interview (Independent.ie)

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13 thoughts on “Time Waster Of The Day

  1. eoin

    What was the name of the friend with whom Maria claims to have had 1 [one] “glass” of wine at their home before hopping onto a Luas? Was this the same friend who callously had Maria hold the bottle of wine at the very instant when the blood-filled catastrophe happened?

    Wasn’t Kate by any chance?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Bailey will probably pin everything on her. We really need to get Kate on the show.

    2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Thankfully, wine spills are less obvious when you’re all wearing your Avis Rent-A-Car drinking jackets

  2. timothy

    Has she not been booted out yet and no way should she be serving in a government
    As anything more than no portfolio

  3. Lilly

    I listened to her interview with Sean O’Rourke last night. How did she ever get elected? The woman is an idiot.

    1. timothy


      in all honesty what chance did she have goring up in that household
      Aero Lingus now a hotel
      I wonder how many claims were settled out of court?
      My business insurance keeps rising as a result of these claimants and the insurance business looses nothing
      They just devide the settlement by the number of years then interest and then charge you

      They loose nothing but by god the businesses plus drivers are the victims here
      To even have her in a committee for public account is akin to jimmy cavil on the bord of the national children hospital

      As a nation we must cop on

      If she ever goes into my shop I will show her the door as she is an insurance risk
      Maybe all should stop her entering business premises in this country and send a message
      You will not be tolerated

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