From top: Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar with President Donal Trump and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Capitol Hill, Washington DC last March; Former US president Barack Obama

The meeting, which was requested by Irish officials, took place during the same trip that the Taoiseach met US president Donald Trump at the White House on his annual visit to Washington.

Mr Varadkar is said to have been advised against the meeting by Government officials, who were concerned it might ruffle feathers when he was in Washington to meet Mr Trump, a strong critic of his White House predecessor.

A Government spokesman confirmed that Mr Varadkar had a private meeting with Mr Obama. He said the meeting was to discuss the work of the former president’s foundation in Europe “and in particular its role in fostering leadership”.

Classy move, guys.

Varadkar met Obama on visit to Trump for St Patrick’s Day (Irish Times)

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Pics; Getty/Government Press Centre

5 thoughts on “Sneaky

  1. George

    Discreetly meeting the former president was indeed classy. Unlike anything that Trump has been ever involved in.

    1. Nigel

      Mr Trump won’t like it. They’ve had to completely cover over Barack Obama Plaze before his visit. They painted a penis on it so it’d be less offensive to him, and wrote ‘This way to Doonbeg’ on it.

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