Pride In The HSE


This afternoon.

The HSE ‘leadership team’, including recently-appointed Director General Paul Reid (above centre), raise rainbow flags to mark the beginning of “LGBT Pride Month” and to “demonstrate the HSE’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, welcoming and supportive of all of its employees”.

The event was organised by the employee support group – the HSE LGBTI + Allies Network which supports employees who identify as LGBTI to participate fully in the workforce “through bringing their entire identity into the workplace”.

Above: (from left back) Conor O’Neil, Cathy Blake, Ray Leonard, (from left centre) Brian Hassett, Michele Guerin, (from left front) Patrick Lynch, Paul Reidand Aidan Moyles members Of LGBTI+Aillies Network.

 Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

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10 thoughts on “Pride In The HSE

  1. postmanpat

    Typical! the same HSE that didn’t help out Sylvas friends last month. Phony Photo opportunity snakes!!!!!! big smile…..Cheese!

    1. Ian-O

      Thankfully I have next to nothing to do with the Health Service Executive because, you know, I actually value my health.

      Someone ask the new Clown in Chief whats his opinion on the waiting times and the attitude of their endocrinologist who is causing so much stress and fear to trans people?

      Bet he won’t have a clue, but then being a know nothing yes man with the ability to hide any manner of evils was probably the only criteria for the gig.

      God knows Tony ‘Mr Potato Head’ O’Brien excelled at that sort of thing.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    At this stage, shouldn’t there be a S added to this. For ‘Straight ‘ and let all celebrate ‘Inclusive Pride’. And have a Bank Holiday for it.

    1. Grace

      FFS. No, because every single day is straight pride.
      The day when straight people get attacked for holding hands in public, or have to worry about coming out in a new job because the boss made a derogatory crack about straights, or having to suffer an insane referendum which allows every voter in the land to judge you and your relationships – then we can talk.
      Otherwise just accept that gay pride is one day in the whole year where we get to celebrate how far we have come, without hetro norming it

      1. MayJay

        As a straight person, that argument really grinds my gears. Why aren’t we celebrating everyone…? Well, because everyone has not been enduring decades, centuries of discrimination, abuse and worse. ‘What about International Men’s Day?’ (Ye have one, btw). ‘What about our “native Irish” needing houses?’ (That’s a systemic/class issue. Christ t’night). ‘What about our language being killed by Immigans?’ (Lordy, do you actually care or is it just a white dog-whistle.)
        The narrative of why can’t we all just get along ignores that some groups were and are experiencing the effects of discrimination and I’m not.
        How about we recognise that white, straight people (me!) can walk down the street holding hands without being harassed or even beaten, as was in London this week. Some are trying to understand that other people face challenges we have not had to face and actually, you know, listen?

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