28 thoughts on “An Raibh Sé Seo?

  1. George

    These languages are available because the company providing the ATM are active in these markets. The reason for no Irish is that it is not a commercial necessity for that company and it would cost money.

    1. Jdawgs

      Here, here. It pisses me off at Bank of Ireland ATMs they slow you down by their first question being English / Irish

        1. Clampers Outside!

          See, see…. no?
          See, see, pushy, pushy, button, button !
          I’ll get me own coat.

      1. Custo

        If pressing a button slows you down to the degree that it ‘pisses you off’ then you must be missing a chromasome

  2. SOQ

    Can someone explain why the British stores are reducing their orders to Irish fresh agri producers please?

    Also, if you are into data analytics, why Salisbury in Newry, for the most part, is now more expensive than Marks while paying the same rent.


  3. Zaccone

    Because Irish is a dead language.

    As indicated by the fact that the person tweeting to complain about this is tweeting in English, because they know if they tweeted it in Irish nobody would read/understand it.

  4. jonsmoke

    in fairness, at least they went to the trouble of changing the flag graphic from the union jack to the Tricolour.

  5. Rob_G

    Bodge, that translation is all over the shop

    “Ar a shon?”


    “Ar son?”

    … would be better (though they are still not great)

      1. Rob_G

        I mean – sure, cinnte. But the fact that almost every comment as Gaeilge so far is direct from Google translate probably indicates why there isn’t a burning need for Tesco to have an option in Irish for their ATMs…

    1. bisted

      …true…and in my experience, there is nobody who speaks Dutch who does not understand English, German and French…

  6. Charger Salmons

    Ah,the wonderful irony of an Irish person happy to shop at a British store rather than a local Irish one complaining about the Irish language not being used.
    Stereotypical notions of Irish People really is the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. missred

    It is not Tesco’s fault that this happens, just so you know, those new machines are in branches of Centra and other stores too. I love a bit of Gaeilge, but there’s only ever an option for it on Bank of Ireland machines

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