10 thoughts on “Brigade De Cuisine

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    attractive bunch, if the foods half as good looking/ tasty , on to a winner

  2. Spud

    That’s Clodagh on the bike and far right in pic 3, but is that Catherine Fulvio in the middle pic?
    Looks very much like her if not, although with a new hair do?

  3. Andrew

    I thought this poopa-doopa-doo would have run out of steam by now. However the appetite people have to consume and overpay for this type of event knows no bounds.

  4. missred

    It is due to bucket with rain over the weekend, so I will pass on getting a last minute ticket, pity.

  5. Mezcal

    Well done to organiser Avril Bannerton there, she can sniff out a camera from fifty kilometers. As for the event itself, if you want a picture of it, imagine a gouty-breathed Gerry Ryan burping into your face – forever.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Ah here
      Now in all fairness
      For all the fiddly diddley poopy chooing I put on the Broadsheet mods
      Nothing I ever posted left as smelly an aftertaste on ye than
      gouty-breathed Gerry Ryan burping into your face

      Priceless Mezcal
      That’s a solid way-homer bhoy
      Fair play

  6. Pat O'Kelly

    My annual rant at OPW for shutting a public park for private enterprise – it will open again at at end of June just to shut again until August for concerts and a comedy festival – what a joke

  7. Chris

    Taste is great the first time you go but then every year after it gets progressively less interesting. Bloom has a better feel and mix of things- this event just seems geared to attract the after work office crowd- if I want to go to souless beer garden on Harcourt or Lessons St I will do so for free!

  8. phillip

    At fifty quid to seventy five quid its a complete rip off
    Where else in the world would show casing food in a festival cost as much as mega death at a live concert

    Last year was in Carcassonne for their annual festival which was mainly free with hundreds of food stands concerts
    But here its just another excuse to clean out your wallet

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