Dogrel Has Its Day


Fresh from wowing America with their recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s chat show, Dublin post-punk heroes Fontaines DC have seen their debut album Dogrel chosen by influential American music website Stereogum as one of the records of the year.

Dogrel placed 4th in a list of the 50 best albums released in the first half of 2019, being pipped to the top spot by Vampire Weekend’s ‘Father Of The Bride’.

Their future really is getting big.

The 50 Best Albums Of 2019 So Far (Stereogum)

Fontaines DC

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8 thoughts on “Dogrel Has Its Day

    1. Andrew

      what do you understand to be ‘working class’? Genuine question.
      What does ‘working class’ mean today?

  1. Anomanomanom

    I have to say it is an atrocious album. I gave it a few listens thought it might be a grower but nope, awful.

  2. Jim

    I love it. Refreshing to hear an Irish band sing in their own accents. Unlike this weird warble Walking on Cars, The Coronas and Picture This are doing.

  3. jerry

    some of it is ok … they were popular at forbidden fruit

    it seems like the record company pushing them very hard … they need to become famous before people figure our the singer is from skerries

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