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Boris Johnson Gets 114 Points (BBC)


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    1. phillip

      I actually think the EU campaign to undermine may and her attempt to bring moderation to brexit seriously backfired

      The massive push thinking another referendum would result has paved the way for Boris and his hardliners

      Time little Leo stated exactly what he has secured from the EU for our nation as in what exactly is having our backs or is it the price we pay for help is our corporation tax rates
      If so get ready for the exodus of FDI if that is surrended

      1. Milk Teeth

        How was she moderate? She persued a hard brexit wanting to pull the Brits out of the customers Union etc dispite 48% of them voting to stay in the EU. If it had been the other way round there wouldn’t have been hard remain with them joining the Euro would there. Boris and even Farage said they’d stay in the CU post brexit in the campaign.
        She’s been ludicrously hard line considering the results. Mostly, I expect, because she hates the ECJ and can’t leave that unless they leave the EU.

  1. eoin

    Hard to see Boris losing. One third of the total votes on the first round, more than #2/#3/#4 combined. And very popular with the Tory members who’ll ultimately decide between the top 2 in July.

    Bojo for PM, ah shure why not, Trump for term #2, Putin for Russia, Dictator McTatory for China, Scandal McDreamy for Canada, Corrupty McXenophobe for Italy. It’s only the Germans and Japanese that would give you any hope in the G8+china. Who would have seen that in 1945.

      1. eoin

        Overlooked our French friends, Theo.

        Yes, France is not the worst I suppose for its leaders, partly because the French people wouldn’t stand for it, and Macron is deffo an improvement on Sarkozy.

          1. millie st murderlark

            Not as much as he’d like. LePenn and her I’ll gaining again, or so I heard

    1. dav

      the only good thing about boris becoming PM is him being found out when he cannot deliver the promised unicorns come brexit, be it a hard brexit or a soft wan

    1. Mé Féin

      Pay attention!

      “… a habitual liar, a cheat, a conspirator with a criminal pal to have an offending journalist’s ribs broken, a cruel betrayer of the women he seduces, a politician who connived in a bid for a court order to suppress mention of a daughter he fathered, a do-nothing mayor of London and the worst foreign secretary in living memory.”

      “… a vaudevillian trick that Johnson plays on British politics, manipulating debate away from his lying incompetence, idleness, philandering self-obsession and intellectual vacuity.”

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