Unsupervised Chair


Ah here.

Maria Bailey returns to work amid controversial swing fall compensation case (Independent.ie)

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2 thoughts on “Unsupervised Chair

  1. Maccers

    How can she continue to chair this particular committee after all that has happened? I mean that it is such a serious issue (housing) affecting so many parts of society that needs to be addressed urgently, but every time I see her I’m just thinking of the next pun and I am not listening to what is happening. She has lost all credibility and its just distracting.

    Soz, feeling sad cause a good work friend is leaving the country because of no realistic housing in Dublin for her (plus her fella and 2 kids); she doesn’t want to go and they both have good jobs but she wants a better life for her family. She has an element of choice (to leave), what chance does anyone more vulnerable? Our housing is so dysfunctional it makes me weep and the country is being run by fools that we KEEP voting in.

    Could someone start getting serious about tackling things?

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