Punishing The Disabled


Last night.

BBC Question Times

Writer and disability activist Francesca Martinez gives Boris and Co what for.

In fairness.

16 thoughts on “Punishing The Disabled

  1. Charger Salmons

    This would be the Boris Johnson who opposed cuts to the funding of the disabled.
    You can read about it in your favourite woke newspaper.
    Meanwhile,here in Ireland.

    Enough of these juvenile attempts to be politically right-on and let’s get back to some biting satirical stuff like puddles of puke that look like Ireland.
    Boredsheet – the woke gift that keeps on giving.

    1. milliem

      Boris Johnson has ‘almost always voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits’ in parliament.


      Also note from the above link he has ‘almost always voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability.’

      So Bogjob giving a soundbite to a sympathetic newspaper means jack if he doesn’t follow it up where it really counts – in the House of Commons

  2. Bebe

    Powerful advocacy – speaking truth to power on behalf of the many voiceless and broken ppl due to cuts to services throughout the UK – we need people like her over here ! Many similar responses from our government under the guise of austerity. Hope Finian McGrath gets to see it and Senator John Dolan of DFI. You guys are in houses of oireachtas – persons with disabilities exist in the margins but many are unable to self-represent due to a host of blockages – including more particularly the governments view that they are unproductive and therefore possibly not a voter – compare the community with the farmers who have the war of government regularly. People with disabliites I seen and unheard.

    Well done @cessa.

  3. bobw

    She’s right of course, especially the bit about becoming disabled which recently happened to me. A big problem in this country is bureaucratic nonsense which also is soul destroying. I currently have a job but in order to keep it, i need to have my car converted, but to do that i need to be classed as “offically” disabled and to do that I need a “primary medical certificate” But i can;t get it becasue I’m not missing any limbs, so in order to keep my job I have to ask the doctor to amputate my dodgy foot or go on the dole, stop paying taxes and cost the state money

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Have you been in touch with Disabled Drivers Assoc? They were great with a family member a few years ago who was rejected the first time too. Also, you can appeal the decision. Good luck.

  4. Bebe

    Typos – no edit facility – slow net day here ; also people with disabilities are unseen and unheard

  5. Bebe

    @bobw; understand perfectly. Any service or support from state is designed to frustrate the bejaysus out of you with the hope that you’ll give up – stay home – they don’t view the cost in terms of health and social care or more importantly YOUR contribution to society – they see everything in short term narrow focus – disability doesn’t affect them … yet – no long term planning and zero accountability when it goes horribly wrong. Ministers and executive civil servants retain their pensions and top ups to include golden handshakes even when their policies impoverish a nation and crucify the vulnerable regardless of who that may be. Such policies as you outline further DISABLE rather than enable ppl like you to participate in society. Ridiculous!

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