Turn On, Tune In, Sing Along


Calling all music fans – a radio station playing the very best of music from the 1990s is now up and running on low power at 98.4FM every weekend and broadcasting across north Dublin.

The 90s Network is a radio station playing the hits from the decade that gave us everything from Britpop to boybands.

And they take requests – all you need to do is send a message to Whatsapp at 087 199 90 90.

The station is also available on the app TuneIn Radio or separately on the Google Play store as The 90s Network.

This has been a public service broadcasting announcement.

The 90s Network

34 thoughts on “Turn On, Tune In, Sing Along

  1. Farageyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I think boybands were around before the 90s, to be fair.
    Apart from that, jolly good show.

    1. eoin

      You tell them Andy, there were lots of them beforehand. The Monkees and….. well that was it really.

      1. Farageyourpointiswhatexactly?

        The Jackson 5, I’d posit. Bay City Rollers, also.

        1. martco

          shur if we’re gonna dig into this..,I’d opine The Sex Pistols were basically a boyband

  2. Boj

    Excellent! I’ve been trying to branch out from the extremely enjoyable RTE Gold lately. It’s very difficult though.

    The song referred to in title is floopin funky as fook as well. There’s an extended instrumental version of it out there somewhere which is about 10minutes of multiple-funktasms!

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I adore Dublin-based fledgling radio stations. In the great pirate days, whenever a new one popped up or changed its name to shake off the law, the DJ youngfella would play nightly requests to Macker, Anto, Shadden, Bearnn-ie, Gisto et al during a hoppin’ dance track which he’d lower to say each sentence. They were most likely not public requests at all but all his mates going out on the lash.

  4. dhod

    that’s grand but what Dublin really needs is a proper music station. 8radio is great but only makes the odd weekend appearance on FM. A BBC radio6 type station is badly needed. phantom/txfm got it wrong and was way too repetitive and safe from 9-5. The periphery shows were much more adventurous and enjoyable to listen to

    1. SOQ


      A station which is not afraid to throw a bit of everything into the mix. Maybe we should start radio Broadsheet?

      Now that would be diverse- no trolls allowed, only real people.

      1. dhod

        sounds a good plan. BSFM
        these shows will need names:
        classic parking drivetime
        grand stretch late night hits

        1. millie st murderlark

          The Things that are Vaguely Shaped Like Ireland weekly chatspot

          10-1 Saturday mornings

          1. SOQ

            I’ll do ‘The Cottage’ section.

            It is a retro theme from when gay men in the Dundalk- the largest Sinn Féin town in Ireland- had nowhere to socialise.

            Obviously things have changed since then.


          2. missred

            There definitely should not be a chat spot in between songs for contrarian people to argue though. The best of broadsheet should be the happy bits. And the filth of course. I’ll be happy to contribute, with an accompanying soundtrack

          3. Clampers Outside!

            The Kate Bush Hour brought to you by The Millie Garden?

            ( …sounded good in my head:0) )

  5. Slightly Bemused

    I remember someone at my owrk at the time told me in the early 2000s that no good bands or good music came out of the 1990s. The lady, and American as it happens, had not heard of many of the great Irish and UK bands of the time, with the exception of U2 (who, it could be argued, are more an 80s band, but did have good stuff in the 90s).

          1. Al Bin Man

            Now that’s over-rated.

            “James Joyce is fupping my sister”? Meh

            I presume he’s referring to Something Happens, A House etc. I went to last years Feile.
            The only band that sounded fresh were the Stunning. Maybe I’m just a bogger.

            Will our kids be having similar conversations about Picture This and Outburst?

    1. Cian

      That is a modern radio.
      In the 90s they had cassette tape.
      And the radios back had proper ‘radio buttons’. Pushing one in popped the other out.

  6. Tarfton Clax

    I will do the Metal Show. Though the 90’s were not really the best years for Metal.

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