Decent Irish Flap

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Leigh Michael (featuring Staz Beats) – Fly High: Rapper Vs Seagulls

Bray, County Wicklow-based rapper Leigh writes:

A quick video from myself and Staz Beats. Its a single verse inspired by our feathered friends the seagulls and the mischief they can get up too…

Leigh Michael

5 thoughts on “Decent Irish Flap

  1. Princess, O'Really?

    He’s sitting the wrong way.
    All of his equipment is behind him.
    He’s not even trying to pretend he’s playing the keyboard. His arms are all over the gaff.

    Is this (comment) a joke? Yes it is.
    Am I trying to promote the song by talking about it? Yes I am, whether I like it or not.
    Do I think they will get better? Of course I do. I should write their lyrics, for example:

    Especially for the beaches, when you are out strollin’
    Keep your chips hidden, or else they might be stolen.

    {‘We Be Out On De Rocks, We Be Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’ X 3′, sung by a girly chorus}

    You take out a chip, they swoop in for a dip, you take out your phone but you let the moment slip…
    You have a photo of the sky, but the seagull has your chip.
    – you wont do that again!

    Your song is probably better.

  2. SOQ

    He’s on the wrong tempo for us Europeans meaning too slow and needs to eat more- plant based food obviously. No idea what that half black poetry is about.


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