Meanwhile, In Donnybrook


This morning.

Donnybrook Road and Eglinton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

An abandoned house in Donnybrook, among a row of properties where a development company has been granted permission to build a seven-story apartment block containing 94 homes despite dozens of objections from local residents…


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33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Donnybrook

  1. eoin

    94 apartments on the site of an abandoned house? In the middle of the State’s worst housing crisis? With nine apartments (10% Part V) going to those on the social housing list?

    And there were 60 objections? Not just common-or-garden nimbyism, but D4 nimbyism.

    1. Zaccone


      Its fantastic news. We just need more of these developments to happen all over the city with other abandoned properties now.

      1. George

        Please don’t make it seem like you’re agreeing with me when that’s not what I said.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    1 vs 94.
    A lot more similar sites around the city. Infill and avoid urban sprawl where we can and for as long as we can. It’s a real shame that trees will be sacrificed for housing provision and the bus corridors; but if replanting is included into the development plan the foliage % may recover in 5-10 years.

    1. shortforBob

      There’s a huge red brick office block across the road from it, with that precedent this development was almost inevitable. If anything the proposed development is on the small side by comparison.

      Still think the property owners should be punished for allowing things to get so bad even if buying up the row of houses for redevelopment was clearly their plan all along.

      1. SOQ

        Still think the property owners should be punished for allowing things to get so bad even if buying up the row of houses for redevelopment in the most expensive land parcel in Ireland.

        There fixed, your’e welcome. Now once more for Jesus- why were they vacant in the first place?

  3. Al Bin Man

    It’s hard to know where to stand on this

    On one level it’s completely destroy the neighborhood stuff. Also being in Donnybrook it’s hardly likely to become a homeless shelter is it?

    Is there no Local Area Dev Plan at all?

    1. Rob_G

      “On one level it’s completely destroy the neighborhood stuff” – on what level? Building some additional units in a residential area? Did you not see the recent article about D’brook dying on its botty – the area is crying out for some fresh development.

    2. Termagant

      The neighourhood is already dying as a result of nobody being able to afford to live there. This way you’re adding at least a couple hundred people to juice up the local economy and yes, maybe have a few laughs along the way. I hope it does devalue surrounding houses, they could use it.

      1. SOQ

        Most of the homes around there are owned by retired Iarnród Éireann Labour people so you may have a point.

        1. SOQ

          Children have downgraded to Sandymount Strand from what I can gather- big Joan the Moan fans etc.

  4. Liam

    good stuff – more apartments close to the city centre, less car-centric commuting. What’s not to like. 6-8 stories is the right height for these sort of outer-city residential areas too.

  5. H

    My issue with this is that the new block is fugly, it would be perfectly easy for an architect to design something with the same number of units that would not be such an eyesore and would allay some of the objections. Not sure why they weren’t asked to make the building more in keeping with the local area….

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