15 thoughts on “Stone Me!

      1. martco

        it’s only a Class III relic apparently

        what the country really could do with now is the elusive Class I (moving & talking)

  1. dav

    being a killjoy, I take it it’s to do with being a dock/pier and the boats need a place to tie their string to…

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Given it’s shape I would reckon it is an old marker stone of some form, maybe a mile or port marker (I must disagree with @dav about it being a bollard for mooring ships: they normally have a mushroom shape with the top wider than the shaft to prevent the ropes simply slipping over).

    I reckon if it is such a marker, it is probably a protected site (pun definitely intended) and also in a location many careless drivers may consider as a parking spot and thump their cars off it.

    1. George

      A protected site with tarmac all around it…

      If this is a milestone it should be moved a few metres to one side. Nobody uses them for measurement these days so it should be grand. There is no point keeping it in that spot looking like that.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        I do agree, and it because it has not been moved that I think it must be a preserved site, for some reason.

        1. kellMA

          It looks ludicrous and if it is a preserved site/monument then the dignity has been well and truly stripped from it….

    2. Cian

      It looks like it’s in a car park and people kept hitting it.

      It’s low enough that you could easily miss it if you were reversing, but high enough that it would do a lot of damage.

    3. dav

      Thanks Slightly, I was thinking that the tide would have to be fairly high for them to have to use that!

  3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    I’d say there were far too many lads dinging it
    Fender benders stuff
    that was causing it damage

    Also there
    where there is a slip
    its always jammers with trailers and trollies
    you’d want to be driving a can-opener around spots like that if you’re trying to get your Opie dipped

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