Pride Without Dignity


A poster from the Department of Justice in a Direct Provision centre in Dublin offering people living at the centre means to travel to Dublin’s LGBTQ Pride this weekend

The Department of Justice has placed posters in some Direct Provision centres in Dublin, telling residents that it will provide transport for those who wish to attend Dublin’s Pride this weekend.

Further to this.

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland has tweeted its thoughts on the offer…


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20 thoughts on “Pride Without Dignity

  1. eoin

    “We have been informed that arrangements by @DeptJusticeIRL to cover travel costs for asylum seekers to go to #pride weren’t posted in all Direct Provision centres and emergency accommodation centres. Explain ”

    Well, having visited the Mosney Direct Provision centre last week and counted the 200 cars in the two car parks (120 in the one on the left as you enter, that’s the one with the tennis courts, and 80 in the one on the right, that’s the one beside the football pitch with the freshly cut grass), and having seen two buses arriving/departing in 15 minutes, one mini-bus and one full size coach, maybe the Dept of Justice figured some people in DP mightn’t need special transport.

    [direct provision, the provison of bed and board at designated sites, isn’t ideal but it’s not hell either and I think many people would be surprised to learn that many asylum seekers have their own cars]

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Translation: Screw asylum seekers they all have cars. They don’t need an extra allowance to go to Pride.

      1. Rob_G

        Why do they need an extra allowance to go to Pride – can they not just take the bus with the money the government gives them already?

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      I think many people would be surprised that staff working there do too.

      Are you working directly from the fraperoom?

  2. Broadbag

    Booooo! We don’t like these posters! Boooooooooo! Why haven’t they put these posters everywhere!
    FFS make up your mind what it is your outraged about.

      1. SOQ

        Now hang on a minute- We have a Taoiseach who is half Indian and gay- this is fact. We also have a group on asylum seekers who are LGBT and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that if their county of origin has a record in abuse towards LGBT, then their claim is likely to be genuine. Also, given the track record of some countries, the percentage of LGBT in direct provision is likely to be way higher than in the general populace.

        Some seem to think that they can be returned and that is the end of it but it is not. During their assessment, the department will contact that country of origin who in turn will deny all, which means that if they are returned they are in a far more dangerous situation- courtesy of the Irish government.

        So yes, Leo should be called out on it because it is his government that is overseeing this charade and- Pride is the ideal month to do so. Sorry folks but if referring to someone as half black or whatever is the first thing to upset your sensibilities then you really need to take a reality check. Upon return, some of these people will be killed ffs.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          We’re well aware of all that

          So don’t try and hide yourself under that unnecessary and overly done post

          What you are is what’s known South of Horse and Jockey as a Corner Boy Same’oh
          Sneering and passing remarks at everyone that passes
          Using spite, and bitterness to fulfill yourself
          and occupy your days

          Leo is the current Taoiseach
          Leo is the current Minister for Defense
          Leo is the current leader of Fine Gael
          Leo is a former Minister for Health, along with Social Welfare etc etc
          Leo has a medical degree

          That’s all that is relevant

          stuff about his parents and who he takes after is spiteful attention seeking
          feel free to call yourself a Queen
          However I suspect Leo would prefer if you didn’t refer to him as one

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Well said Frillz.
            There was me thinking we had matured as a diverse nation_but people are STILL being called out and ridiculed according to their race, creed and sexuality, which is a hideous thing to do.

          2. SOQ

            Leo is the one who makes a deal out of being gay by attending LGBT events and he was the one who made a point of being a son of an immigrant when visiting the states. What is the problem?

            I was the one defending GCN for including him on the list of prominent gay people recently remember? As he should have been because he HAS made a difference to other people’s lives. As for the term ‘queen’, well it is used on a regular basis by many gay men so not sure what the issue is there either.

            Leo, above all, should realise that these people have a double cross to bear. Not only are they fleeing homophobic or transphobic persecution, they are potentially being housed with others who hold similar prejudicial views. They do not have an easy life and at the very least, that should be acknowledged.

            And for the record- I use the term ‘half black’ because it annoys racists- REAL racists. It challenges that ‘them and us’ mindset because there is no them and us- just us. None of us are pure anything- we’re all a gene dolly mixture.

    1. D

      jesus H christ

      it seems your honeymoon is over

      get out of Ireland for a bit, I hear gear is cheaper on the continent

  3. A Person

    I have to agree, why do any direct provision residents need special treatment in this regard? Can someone offer an explanation?

  4. Stephen

    Is establishing the applicants sexuality not potentially relevant if as part of their application they are claiming abuse due to their sexuality.

    1. SOQ

      Yes. Some of these countries are deeply homophobic so I would think the amount of bogus claims is quite low. But so far, IMO the consequences of sending them back has not been spelt out.

      Going to Pride is probably one of the only times in their lives that these poor créatúir have a chance to see what Irish LGBT freedom is really like. And those in the parade get one of the warmest receptions from the general public- and rightly so.

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