Twisting In The Wind


Blaine Gaffney, who lost out on a seat in Sligo in the local elections, said he was being asked on doorsteps and through social media what his position was on the controversy and on rising insurance costs.

“It did not help. If we are looking at marginal seat losses, I lost out by a swing of 33 votes and it would make you think. It is an issue, and it is on the lips of everyone in Leinster House

FG grassroots call for publication of report into Bailey compensation claim (Irish Times)

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7 thoughts on “Twisting In The Wind

  1. eoin

    I don’t think the public has the right to know what an *internal* FG review has found, but I do think our media should resume their scrutiny of the dodgy compo claim and what role, if any, was played by the FG culture minister Josepha Madigan. You’ll recall 33 days ago, the media stopped their scrutiny when Leo said he was conducting a 14-day review, presumably in the hope or expectation the review would be shared with them.

    Let’s get the CCTV, let’s get the hotel’s position and put that to Bailey. And finally, can we investigate Bailey’s compo claim in 2005 against Aer Lingus. What was that about, what was the result. Has Bailey sued or threatened to sue other individuals or businesses for compo. Did she sue in her own usual name “Maria Bailey” or did she use another name, as she did with the Dean Hotel claim. Come on, brave media, do your fuppin’ job.

    And let’s not leave Alan Farrell out of it, he may have stonewalled the RTE Prime Time reporter, but surely there are other members of our brave media to doorstep the TD that FG have offered to media to comment on the compo culture.

    1. Paul Revered

      Why should the public inquire into the private affairs of an ordinary citizen and their solicitor? Has a fraud been committed? If so you should call the Guards

  2. Panty Christ

    Mary Hanafins mother got a nice lump sum from Leinster house after she slipped on a marble floor

  3. Mountain Talk

    Leo’s looking into the Leak. The People are looking into/at character. A character that had a choice between Get up, Laugh it off or Self-Righteous Arrogance and Sue. She choose the latter. And unapologetically still chooses the later, minus the (forget it, I’m in the spotlight) lawsuit. You know, as private individual do what you want. But in Public Office. Representing the common good. Inspiring a common good. It’s character. Thinking now of Paul Newman’s Hustler, need to watch that again.

  4. A Person

    Why does the report have to be published? Surely its an internal party matter. Will PPP and the shinners publish their reports on bullying and claims of sexual harassment?

    1. curmudgeon

      If people felt so bad about it maybe they vould do something radical, like not voting them into power. Now anyone have a copy of that SocDems Kisombe report?

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