A Long Way To Penny Dinners


Caitríona Twomey of Cork Penny Dinners; Google Map showing distance between Little Island and Cork city

Sarah Horgan, on EchoLive, reports:

A homeless Cork couple walked more than 10km pushing their toddler in a toy buggy to get a hot meal.

Caitríona Twomey, who heads the soup kitchen charity, Cork Penny Dinners on Little Hanover Street, said that seeing the parents turn up with their toddler in a pram meant for dolls hit a raw nerve with volunteers at the centre.

The husband and wife had just lost their home when their child’s buggy broke.

Given their situation, they were unable to purchase a new one and could not afford transport to the city from Little Island, so they made the gruelling journey to Cork Penny Dinners on foot, pushing a toy pram instead.

Homeless family make a 10km walk for food while pushing toddler in a toy pram (Echo Live)

Pic: Business Cork

23 thoughts on “A Long Way To Penny Dinners

    1. Ian-O

      Yes, these poor people are a real drag aren’t they?

      If only we could somehow deal with them, in a final fashion, perhaps?

      (Poor diddums upset by online article, someone get snowflake Paul a blankey and a some gripe water.)

  1. Kolmo

    Watch as certain commentators blame the clearly unfortunate family for their own misfortune instead of helping with solutions or even just aspiring to a functioning community social care service like in other northern European countries..

    1. dav

      this is the fg way – a hatred of those in need of help, be it the old, the sick, the weak or the poor

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      exactly this
      shame, shame eat your shame it’s all your own fault mentality, dirty sinners, thanks RCC

  2. H

    I love this quote “The shock from seeing these things goes, but the sadness stays.” It shows that she hasn’t lost her compassion, which I have been told can happen.

  3. Cathal

    No fault to them but sometimes you have to take responsibility for your own situation. Social services will look after the child while they dry out,

    1. millie st murderlark

      Where does it say they are addicts, as you so imply?

      Or are you just attributing your biases onto people you know nothing about?

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