Meanwhile, In Lahinch


This afternoon.

The Irish Open, Lahinch, County Clare.

Via Extinction Rebellion Ireland:

Members of Extinction Rebellion Clare who disrupted the first day of the Irish Open golf tournament in Lahinch today  say they wanted to appeal to its global TV audience to demand urgent action by the world’s governments to prevent a climate catastrophe.

At 1:20 pm, just as Shane Lowry was approaching the 18th green, the Clare-based climate activists unfurled a huge banner that read, “Game Over: Climate Action Now!”

Aisling Wheeler of Extinction Rebellion Clare said:

“We disrupted the golf event for a few moments to draw attention to the unimaginable disruption to our world that is threatened due to climate breakdown. If governments do not take radical action very quickly, the result will be catastrophic extreme weather events, drought and food shortages, from which Ireland will not be spared.”

She added:

“This action is not anti-golf. We expect real golf lovers to understand. Some of the best golf courses are by the coast, so golf is the sport most threatened by climate breakdown. And golfers love the outdoors.”


13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Lahinch

  1. scottser

    TV companies won’t show protests live. It might make the news but I doubt RTE will give a rogue protest any oxygen. Want to match down kildare street on a Saturday? Fill your boots, as it bothers nobody.

  2. eoin

    “This afternoon.

    The Irish Open, Lahinch, County Clare.”

    Pffft, it’s the “Dubai Duty Free Irish Open”, being televised by our quasi state broadcaster. They’re paying a lot of money for this sponsorship so the golfing set will form a sense of respectability about Dubai.

    Dubai of course is that Middle Eastern country the size of Leitrim ruled by a dictator/poet Mo McToom. A recent example of Mo’s poetry, published on Instagram to mark the recent run for the hills separation/divorce with one of his three wives.

    “Some mistakes are known as betrayal, and you have transgressed and betrayed
    You traitor, you betrayed the most precious trust, you exposed your games and nature
    You no longer have a place within me, go to who has kept you occupied
    I do not care whether you live or die”
    By Mo McToom age 11 and 3/4 69.

    Ah yes, when you have three wives and one of them betrays you….

    1. Lilly

      Off with her head. My guess is she won’t spill any beans to preserve diplomatic relations between UAE and Jordan. More’s the pity.

  3. f_lawless

    Starting to wonder are we just like deers in the headlights. Outside the bubble of Ireland, it was the hottest June, globally, ever recorded. The frequency of these record breaking statistics just keeps increasing. Feels like all we can do now is cling to the hope that all those scientists are somehow wrong about the connection between CO2 and global warming and that Mother Nature might calm down a bit of her own accord!
    “In 2010, scientists warned we’d already built enough carbon-dioxide-spewing infrastructure to push global temperatures up 1.3 ˚C, and stressed that the fossil-fuel system would only continue to expand unless “extraordinary efforts are undertaken to develop alternatives.”

    Spoiler: They weren’t.

    In a sequel to that paper published in Nature today, researchers found we’re now likely to sail well past 1.5 ˚C of warming, the aspirational limit set by the Paris climate accords, even if we don’t build a single additional power plant, factory, vehicle, or home appliance…”

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