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    1. Jdawgs

      4mins into this and it looks really interesting but I’m going to have to stop watching as a lot of it’s in Irish with no English subtitles. I know TG4 can do a lot of interesting work, but so annoying when you can’t understand it as most parts are only Irish.

      1. eoin

        The appearance of the player can depend on your browser, settings and add-ins, but there’s a “cc” closed caption button on the player I’m looking at, and just press captions on and hey presto! You have English subtitles.

    2. SOQ

      I have met Louise on quite a number of times and her life story is fascinating. We are both originally from the north although I never knew her before she transitioned. She’s an activist and really is a very warm and genuine person- also, a very talented photographer of course.


      1. SOQ

        Oh and she used to post here before the people’s republic of CIÉ decided that GAA must take precedence.

        I asked her to pic Belfast pride for me last year on behalf of- but she refused.

      2. bertie blenkinsop

        I thought I recognised her name, we studied her case in college, she went through a horrendous ordeal at the hands of her employer iirc.

        1. SOQ

          Her employer broke the law, as many do. Louise, I will send you a link to this thread if you wish to comment

          Why I am even bothering with this site at this stage is another story.

    3. shayna

      Hey, ta for the link eoin – didn’t see it the first time round. I think what was interesting, despite her candour about herself – she didn’t mention anyone by name, well apart from her employer. Personal story ensues – I worked for an international A/V company – video/lighting/staging in London @’90s – anyhoos – I’d just been working for the company for a short time when there was a rumour that one of the former directors who’d mysteriously left a couple of years earlier was re-joining. Warren, director – was returning as Lauren, a secretary.

      1. shayna

        … I’ll continue? Warren had chosen to transition in the USA where the concentration of surgery was above deck – to borrow a sailing term, she was mid-sails when she returned to London. I’d never met Warren – Lauren turned out to be a complete bitch. She worked in a different department, but would bump into eachother at the vending machine occasionally and let me me know how fat such and such has gotten? I said, sure – whatever – I don’t know them – there’s 120 people here – I don’t know everyone.This was 1997, by the way, in apparently the most progressive capital – London? There were issues of toilet – it was an alert that Warren wasn’t fully Lauren – where does she go for a comfort breaks? Disabled Toilet was the answer? .That was ’97 in London – Jesus, Ireland ’19 is it any different?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Having been censored at the first attempt: I really dislike the hatred to others that forms the core of this movement. No terfs. No binary. Its wrong at its core. It’s anti women. There is no compassion. There is no care for the other. Maybe it’s generational. Maybe it’s selfish in the best tradition of me fein. Whatever, it’s delusional. That’s not to suggest there aren’t people who have problems with identity. Just, this is a rubbish way to solve anything.

  1. Duisigheire

    Enough of this pride already. Going on far too long. Wrap it up please and no more media reporting on this.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s okay, the godbotherers and woman haters are out today too with their so called Rally for life. #underhiseye

    2. shortforbob

      Haven’t you heard the plan for next year? A month for Gay Pride, a month for Lesbian Pride, a month for Trans pride too.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Jaysus, if that’s how far it has got to go when is “I’m Gonna Squeem an’ Squeem an’ Squeem!” month ?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    ” The materialist foundations of science are under threat from the politics of gender interfering in the science of sex, in particular, by the drive to find scientific justification for including some biological males in the category of ‘women.’ The consequences for scientific thinking are dire. ”

    This piece is worth a read … “the science of sex, the politics of gender, and the materialist and dialectical thinking needed to distinguish the two” – https://convincingreasons.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/do-women-exist-the-science-of-sex-the-politics-of-gender-and-the-materialist-and-dialectical-thinking-needed-to-distinguish-the-two/

      1. millie st murderlark

        I am hoping you mean prostate queenie because otherwise I am *alarmed*

        1. martco

          c’mere nevermind all this chit chat about bodyily functions…


          I definitely am. from the comfort of my mates living room. in Bray.

        2. SOQ

          Both although I do miss the RUC because they give a good exam on both fronts. A bit disconcerting nowadays mind when you are having a casual convo with a GFA solicitor who has a thing for RUC uniforms?

    1. Junkface

      What is the end game plan for gender politics? I mean, ideally, how many genders do they think will make the world acceptable? I support Trans people getting fair treatment and everything (although the teen issue is alarming according to experts), but it seems to be all mixed up with imported American gender politics, which are dividing society.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Good news though…. Scotland has put a stop to Trans activist groups touring schools after much complaint about the spurious content which, by many reports, was more about encouraging kids towards transition than education of the issues.

        Also, the UK has now commissioned a report into the surge in young girls/teens identifying as trans. Girls were previously less likely than boys to be trans but are now reporting at rates almost three times higher than boys. The TRAs did their best to prevent this, but common sense has finally beaten the bully tactics of TRAs, at least in the UK.

        Sharron Davies and Martina Navratilova are doing great work on raising concerns over trans women in sports and the advantages they have over women.

        More work needs to be done on those who have decided to de-trans / halt the process, but TRAs have so far prevented research in this area, which was covered in a previous thread on here and in the RTE documentary not so long ago.

        Rationality, driven by facts and research, are pushing back against the bullying pseudoscience of activists who do not speak on behalf of all trans persons. Many of whom have also campaigned against TRA pseudo scientific misogyny.

        (Pay wall unfortunately for this link… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/penny-mordaunt-its-vital-to-look-into-surge-in-gender-change-girls-98dgffhkd )

        1. MFKeane

          Hi Clampers, do you think you could pinpoint, in your internet/social media history, the exact moment that you became radicalised to the trans question?

          1. Clampers Outside!

            That’d be difficult, I’d need you to pinpoint where you first came to the idea that what I post can be said to be “radicalised” as I don’t believe standing by the standard, and science based view, of sex can be considered a radical position.

            Maybe you can explain how seeing sex as a binary is a “radicalised” viewpoint, and then maybe I can answer your question.

            But without such an explanation, it is my understanding that my view is not the “radicalised” position but the opposite to the “radicalised” viewpoint, that being say, that women have a penis, as an example of the “radicalised” viewpoint that I am of an opposing view to.
            Happy to respond upon clarification when made, thank you.

          2. SOQ

            People in Ireland denied health and housing and you are talking about what?

            I wish that all your children became so gender sorted that they disown you.

            Go sit on a traffic cone.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            “became so gender sorted” is meaningless to me. The tone though… wishing ill, is quite clear.

            And if you are wishing ill (and/or that they be confused about gender), which the tone of your comment does suggest, on another commenters’ children, that’s a new low…. real low.

          4. Clampers Outside!

            To answer your question, I’m talking about the ridiculous idea that it is a “radicalised” view to hold that sex is binary, that is, responding to a question from another commenter.

            Regarding the issues faced by trans individuals that you raised, I am against any discrimination. I trust that clears things up.

          5. SOQ

            Gender sorted is whatever they want to be- and they are, right now, friggen doing it. Not my Monday morn double strength caffeine IV but good luck to them.

            Argue academic nuances all you want but when that Sunday Girl steps out her front door tonight, I wish her home safely.

          6. shayna

            I find it interesting to read how transgender folks are perceived Not that great – it sees.

          7. SOQ

            Unfortunately shayna, this place can be quite a distorted prism from which to view certain topics and can be the thin edge of the wedge. The thick end being some poor unfortunate minding their own business when some ignorant clown decides to rearrange their face- or worse,

            But, as anyone who has had any exposure to members of the Trans community will tell you- they are one of the most non judgemental and good-natured groups or people you will ever meet. They deserve better.

          8. Clampers Outside!

            So long as activism remains to be seen to be as benevolent as you may suggest it is always welcomed.

            When it is not, and acts in bad faith – pushing pseudo science, for example – it should be called out for it, for it hurts everyone involved even those it purports to be acting on behalf of.
            Truth and honesty are not always present in activism and this dishonesty is evident in TRA activism across the Western world. Calling it out, is not “ignorant”, just like calling out bad religious practice or beliefs is not “ignorant”.

          9. Mezcal

            Sure … you haven’t been radicalised online to this bizarrely niche subject at all, at all … just keep taking the digital medicine Clampy, you are a very useful pawn.

          10. Clampers Outside!

            Please explain what position you assume that I have that can be described as “radicalised”?

            Without such, you are just throwing words around in order to shut down any discussion, which would suggest it is you that is acting in a “radicalised” manner.

            I look forward to your explanation, thank you.

          11. SOQ

            Clamps, by your own admission you have never even bothered to meet a Trans person and yet here you are, topic after topic espousing some sort of conspiratorial nonsense about brainwashing children and feeding them hormones. 30 years ago, the same bloody poo was been thrown at gay people, they couldn’t even be a school teacher back then.

            Trans people are assaulted, beaten and murdered. They are discriminated against in health care, employment and housing. Do you honestly think that anyone would choose such a life? They have always been around and always will be- so deal with it. Alternatively, just mind your own business.

          12. Clampers Outside!

            By my own admission? What? I have met trans persons, and I treated them like everyone else. What do you want…

            Please tell me what “conspiratorial nonsense” that you think I have spread, or said at any time. Your accusation is unfounded.

            “They have always been around and always will be – so deal with it” eh? I have no issue with trans persons. My issue is with the pseudoscience of activists – so you deal with that, and stop making spurious accusations that have nothing to do with my comments.

            Do I think people would choose to have the issues you raise? No.
            Do those issues negate the points I have made? No.

            “Alternatively…”? Are you for real… did you engage in the abortion debate? You did. Does it affect you?
            Cop on.
            This does affect everyone when nonsense is being taught to kids. And that’s no conspiracy, look it up. See the Scotland example; and Mermaids across the UK too.

          13. Mezcal

            For someone with no iron the fire your absolute obsession with a subject that is completely irrelevant to your life, would be classed as radical. Your continuing this argument, year after year all over the internet, at every opportunity is a radicalised obsession. You are a pawn. You have been radicalised as a dupe. You are obsessed with the subject. Leave people alone to live their lives. And your conflation with the abortion question is as stupid as it is disingenuous. Peace out, hater.

          14. Clampers Outside!

            I think you should read your own comment again and the baseless assertions in it, to see who is suffering from an obsession and radicalisation.

            Then, I recommend you have a lie down, and contemplate on it, and maybe you’ll find some self awareness.

          15. SOQ

            You admitted in previous rants that you had never met a Trans person so one or the other- either way there is quite a difference between meeting someone and knowing them and I am certain you don’t KNOW any.

            This topic is about Trans Pride- adults taking to the streets asking for the most basic of civil rights- rights that the rest of us take for granted. But no, you insist on banging on about something which is a complete irrelevance to people’s lives- including most Trans. The gays were also described as ‘aggressive’ back in the day too of course- when even the mention of homosexuality was not allowed in front of children- in case they caught it.

            Obsession doesn’t being to describe it- are you really that blinded by your own prejudice? If you have such an interest in the subject then I suggest you contact TENI, then get out there in the real word and TALK TO TRANS PEOPLE.


          16. Clampers Outside !

            I previously said I don’t know on a personal level a trans person, as you do, and am well aware of the difference between knowing someone and having had a passing interaction with someone.

            I brought up relevant discussion on activism. Plain and simple.

            With regard to your continued comparison of the trans activism to gay rights activism, I do not recall gay rights activists attempting, for example, to re-write science of the sex binary, nor teaching pseudo-science in schools.

            Of course basic rights are important, and trans persons should not be discriminated in the areas mentioned. And the big picture moving forward is important too.
            In that the points I raised with regard to the wider societal, sporting, personal spaces, education, science, etc. do not negate those basic rights which all trans persons should have, and that I do support them having. I have visited TENI many times, thank you.

          17. Junkface

            In all fairness SOQ, I don’t think Clampers has radicalized views on this topic. His point of view and the links he posted are from a scientific research and centrist point of view which is what we need when considering how dangerous or problematic this issue could be to preteens and teenagers if they are not fully informed (or at least their parents) or just confused, because they are confusing times for anyone of that age.

            You can’t just go screaming bloody murder or other hysterics at him (wishing ill on his family) because he’s not following the Left herd on this topic. An open discussion based on facts and research is the best way to make progress on the issue. Have you ever read or heard anything from Deborah Soh? She is worth looking into on this topic.

      2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        I worked on development team for the HR / Demography data wearhouse, there were in excess of 30 gender codes, this was about 10 years ago, I wonder what it is now.

  3. SOQ

    They still bury Trans people alive in certain parts of Uganda and Kenya- food for thought maybe?

  4. Noel Kelly

    Lesbians who don’t want to date trans women are entitled to say they and not be branded Terfs.

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