Five More Years


Ireland’s EU Commissioner Phil Hogan with Leo Varadkar in 2012

There had been some speculation in recent days that the former Fine Gael minister and election organiser might lose out due to the anger of Irish farmers over the EU-Mercosur draft deal allowing large quantities of South American meat into European markets.

But today the Cabinet is expected to give the former Kilkenny TD the nod for another five years in the post, which has a salary package of €300,000 per year.

Phil Hogan left Irish politics during recessionary times in 2014, as his name was associated with two new taxes, the ill-starred domestic water charges and the local property tax.

Hogan set to be renominated as EU commissioner (John Downing,


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14 thoughts on “Five More Years

  1. bisted

    …big Phil demonstrates an uncanny ability to remain in the tent and wee in at the same time…

  2. ciaran

    What’s the obsession on getting a picture of varadkar in every day on broadsheet? He’s not even relevant to the piece above but yet there he is.

  3. john f

    Big Phil likely doesn’t really care. His pension from his term as Commissioner combined with his Irish political pensions will ensure that he will be on an astronomical amount of money for the rest of his life.
    If a person were to think very conspiratorially one might suggest that Phil will get a soft, very well paid consultancy type job at a private company that will benefit from the controversial EU South America, that is usually how these things work.

    1. Cian

      Exactly. He’s on the pigs back as it is. No need for his snout to be in the trough.

    1. Ian-O

      i have to say I really cannot understand that type of comment above.

      ”Really widdle off the left”?

      That’s it, that’s the extent of your agreement with this, it will put some peoples nose out of joint?

      That’s really high level, emotionally mature thinking right there.

      Probably explains the consistently low quality of our public representatives.

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