Mass Shooting


He died for Ireland.

Having executed 77 IRA prisoners, including his best man.


Pic via National Library of Ireland

5 thoughts on “Mass Shooting

  1. Panty Christ

    He also was part founder of the corrupt and bent coppers unit known now as the special detective unit

    1. Joe Small

      He was a serving Irish minister shot down by terrorists. That’s a disgraceful thing to say.
      FF were painting “77” on hoardings during elections up until the 1970s, making sure civil war politics were kept fresh in people’s minds.
      Of course the Free State executions were wrong but they were, for the most part, carried out in a legal framework.
      I don’t imagine O’Higgin’s enjoyed any role in the execution of his Best Man.
      The Civil War is one area where we still can’t calmly discuss the past with some air of reasoned detachment.

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