Panti Ties Knot

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This afternoon.

What do you mean you ‘weren’t invited’?


Not even to the ‘afters’.

Never mind, we’ll do our own thing.

19 thoughts on “Panti Ties Knot

    1. for whom, the bell trolls?

      Yes I was puzzled too by their sartorial choice
      Especially shoes

      I’m wearing similar to those right now
      But not getting married today
      As far as I know

  1. SOQ

    Congrats Rory- wishing you both a long life of health and happiness together.

    God- some of those (other) drag queens look scary in civvies.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Panti’s a Missus! She’s a Hyphenate on Twitter now.

    The party will probably go on til the weekend. Much happiness to them.


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