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5 thoughts on “Cash Cow

  1. eoin

    The Phoenix today claims Richie is to become the editor of the Sunday Business Post (hasn’t it been editor-less for a year since Harry Potter impressionist Ian Kehoe left to a €16k a year role at RTE?).

    I hope Richie gets an early contract termination payment provision in any deal with the SBP, and secured by something more stable than a commitment from Encircle, Word on the street is, the SBP circulation has dropped below 20,000, though it will be six weeks before we get the Jan-Jun 2019 figures.

  2. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    The Phoenix is a great read, but it’s not the first time it’s printed inaccurate info from what I’ve heard.

  3. A Person

    I am so annoyed by the incorrect reporting, that I tweet about it, in order to garner more publicity.

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