15 thoughts on “Snug

  1. Jésus

    Ha. Check out any of the house/flatshare groups on FB and you’ll see just how common posts/vacancies like this are.

    The housing crisis is actually so much worse than we think it is. If inward migrants weren’t willing to accept substandard, overcrowded accommodation like this, both demand and rents would be even higher and the crisis would transform into an emergency.

  2. Scundered

    At least when showing tenants around it won’t take long, you can see everything the minute you open the door.

  3. Mr.Fart

    when would ya get the chance for a tug even? I’d be on tug patrol constantly, the first little sound i hear “STOPPIT NOW”

  4. eoin

    If you were in direct provision today, and having food and utilities covered, would you prefer to move into accommodation like that shown above?

    The govt says it spends €35 per person per day on people in DP which includes bed and board. You’re looking at €20/day just for accommodation only based on that disgraceful set up advertised on Daft.

    The 700 in DP whose asylum applications have been approved should no longer be in DP, but where can they go? As for the 4,300 whose asylum applications are still pending, their situation might not be ideal but compared to the above set-up, it’s not the worst either.

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