We Don’t Deserve This


This morning.

Bebe writes:

Thousands don’t know where they’re going to sleep at night or where their next meal will come from; thousands more on zero hours contracts – what would Leo know about those living on the margins due to neglect by his government since 2011?

He tried to say they were fraudulently claiming benefits ’til that nugget backfired. HSE dealing with crisis after crisis in life and death scenarios where front line staff bear the brunt while executives make the decisions much like executive FG that continue to penalise those consumed by poverty.

I can’t stand to see the leader of the country rub our noses in it like this and speak of focusing NOW on quality of those jobs or quality of life supports housing, etc.

Eight years too late for many who have no choice but to take zero hours contract that offer no stability or security – FG propped up by FF are a joke and the kicker is we have no alternative waiting in wings to seize power.

We don’t deserve this – our newly educated medics should not be forced to emigrate to work in safe and career advancement conditions not available at home.

And no one in our wealthy nation should have to beg, steal or borrow in the hope of finding a bed, night after night week after week year after year.

To add to our owes Dáil on holidays since yesterday to 17 Sept is another bloody joke – on us as usual…

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18 thoughts on “We Don’t Deserve This

  1. Joe Small

    Zero hour contracts were effectively outlawed by the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018. Our unemployment rate is 4.4%, well below EU average.
    You’d swear from reading “Bebe” the new Broadsheet editorial writer, that this country was on the brink of collapse.
    Some people just aren’t happy unless their miserable. We will always have some serious problem or other to tackle. That’s life.
    We DO deserve this – we got this government after a democratic election. We’ll deserve the next democratically-elected government too!

    1. Ian-O

      Can’t argue with most of the above the above, but then you had to go and ruin it by bringing emotion into it.

      Nobody is happy miserable, that’s a vastly stupid statement to make and its not helpful at all. Questioning power and pointing out its inadequacies is neither moaning or miserable and it needs to be done all the time.

      It’s very easy to points to stats and say look, all good. Until you become a statistic yourself.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Well said. The confidence and supply agreement should not have been allowed, should be disbanded and not used again. MM and Varadkar had a battle of words earlier this week but even that is probably scripted. They are laughing all the way to the bank, our TD’s and their cronies.When a BILLION euro taxpayers is siphoned off via the NCH and nothing is done you know you’re being f***** left right and centre.

  3. Ron

    We are what we vote. And as much as it disgusts me to see the inept, incompetent, incapable politicians lack any type of competence to do the job effectively, that’s what was elected.

    There a strong core group of people in this country, many who comment on this site regularly, who publicly will say that what’s going on in this country is a disgrace but behind closed doors they benefit from the policies of this Government. They have little compassion for their fellow citizen and it’s basically a case of I’m alright so screw everyone else. Many of these people are the very ones who grew up benefiting from council houses and a free education under the Labour free fees initiative. The very people who benefited from state help are the ones that deny it to others and label them as lazy and welfare cheats. Exactly as Leo and the rest of them in Fine Gael see them.

    We are what we vote and having no alternative party ready now to take over is not a good enough excise or reason to continue voting for them.

    The electorate are responsible for the mess this country is in but that’s democracy in this country.

  4. V

    Hey Bebe

    There’s a general on the horizon
    Put yourself in front of the electorate

    I agree with your sentiments
    And have pretty much said the same and more
    Many times

    But Democracy speaks louder
    If you want to call out establishment Politicans
    If you want to contribute to change
    You have to participate

    So organise and get yourself out there
    Good luck

    1. Chris

      Well said- I’m not a massive fan of Leo Varadkar or FG but I don’t believe they are some sort of moustache twirling right wing thatcherites that they are constantly being painted as on broadsheet. Sadly they are one of the few votable parties in the state when you look at the alternatives- if we voted in labour, Sinn Fein or the PBP the country would be bust within 3 years so there would not be able to borrow the vast amounts of money required for all their populist bullshit “policies” which are just lies they know they would never have to enact.

  5. Bebe

    @ Joe Small
    I’m not miserable.
    I’m one of the lucky ones.
    I have a roof over my head and I can afford a nutritious meal daily without having to worry about paying for a pair of shoes or clothing for a dependent child or family member.
    But I think Leo the Varadkar has a bloody cheek – he comes out with ‘better living standards’ some eight years after FG come into Government. What has he done for those years to ensure better living standards, nothing the housing crisis deepening is under his direction.
    My family voted Fine Gael, hell my Dad even canvassed for them. And I voted for them in 2011.
    You can point fingers all you want and do a Bertie on it suggesting I’m miserable.
    But look at the facts – What do we have now?
    Our educated leaving at an alarming rate.
    Read this morning on twitter that “of the
    55 interns from SVUH last year, 41 are leaving for Perth next month. What crisis” while Stephen Murphy via twitter writes “2 interns have seen me as their GP – in post for a week. Both have already encountered managerial (but not medical) bullying and both are heading for Perth when this year is up. If widespread, will be a crisis of frightening magnitude but steadfastly ignored by @SimonHarrisTD” https://twitter.com/DrSteveMurphy
    If you saw PrimeTime last night you saw the situation for those lower paid who are attempting to get a fair wage while receiving tips for the quality of their service in the hospitality sector.
    People cannot afford to LIVE.

    Leo Varadkar showed his true colours last week when he spoke to FF’s M Martin in Dail Chamber. He left it some time to withdraw the remarks that are disgusting ‘ He likened M Martin to ‘sinning priests’ what’s more, he felt comfortable enough stating so in our Oireachtas knowing those remarks would be recorded in Oireachtas accessible transcript for eternity. This, from the leader of the country who tried to explain it was a heated argument. Was it hec. M Martin was gentlemanly in his questioning.

    This is the same Leo Varadkar that suggested that people laze in bed half the day and are on social welfare when in fact, many are up at unearthly hours providing necessary care services to loved ones. Now we learn that the investigation into the Bailey swing case will not be published. Was Josepha one of Bailey’s advisers at any time prior to or during taking the case which was withdrawn following SOR’s podcast where Ms. Bailey attempted to defend her actions, blaming the Hotel.

    The whistle-blower controversy/Jonathan Sugarman/ McCabe saga; The Aras Attracta, ‘Grace’ fiasco, Dunmore foster home abuse situation all came to light under FG. Catherine Murphy’s constant requests for information in Dail Eireann on Nama, SiteServ and now Broadband not responded on many occasions; the National Maternity Hospital that in no way resembles initial costings and are now multiples of that – and NO ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s the bloody problem. Putting women already traumatized by the ordeal of telling their story, to have to recall again and again to access Magdalene redress fund; thankfully the Ombudsman called this Government out on that one.
    And I’m not even going to go into the Cervical Cancer fiasco.

    What do all of those have in common? All under Enda/Leo and FG’s Government’s watch.

    Bloody disgraceful.

    And no, I’m still not miserable.

    I’m upset for the many, many people who suffer needlessly while Varaadkar spouts to insult all round and then is forced, to withdraw his ill-thought out, condescending remarks.

    Like I said we deserve better!

  6. Bebe

    @ Vanessa

    Thanks for vote of confidence ! If my health improves it’s certainly worth a lash!

  7. curmudgeon

    Congratulations to Bryan Wall are in order, no longer Broadsheet’s worst columnist!

        1. Ron

          in fairness, I don’t think the site can drop to a lower standard then its at, so I guess your contribution would be welcome. you can write it or we can all stand in front of a blank page with alphabet soup and throw it at the page. Whatever letters stick gets printed, which would be pretty much the same as if you did write something. Now, here’s a tissue, theres snot on your lips.

          1. curmudgeon

            I’d have to disagree with you, I think this site is excellent and I visit it often. I believe Broadsheet is or at least aspires to be a morally upstanding bulwark against the swathe of DOB owned “Independent” media & the nepotistic hive of “official Ireland’s” RTE. I hold it to a higher standard than others becuase I really believe in it, and I have on occasion down the years held it to account (I think Hazel Larkin was the most recent). Which is why lately I have to note I have been utterly disapointed with the qualiity of SOME of the columnists and elated by others. Johnny Green is excellent, Bebe hasn’t a clue, a leg to stand on, or shred of credibility and yet gets the same billing and virtual column inches as say BS stalwart and worthy, Michael Taft.

    1. Chris

      I have to agree- broadsheet has gone so downhill. There used to be some intelligent debate, now it’s just horrendously populist posts designed to inflame comments.

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