Preparing For Power



The Law Society, Blackhall Place, Dublin.

Scenes from the Green Party Convention with participants including Ciaran Cuffe (pic 1); Catherine Martin TD (pic 3); Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD (pic 4); pic 7, from left: Councillor Hazel Chu, Janet Horner, Cllr Neasa Hourigan and Cllr Pauline O’Reilly.

In his keynote speech to the party’s national convention in Dublin, Mr Ryan has argued that entering government was the most effective way to address the climate emergency.

Referring back to the Green’s first experience in coalition, which saw the party losing all its seats in 2011, Mr Ryan said: “I know from experience how hard that can be but also what can be achieved. To prepare properly it is important to set out the principles that we would approach any programme for government negotiations.”

He said the party should be willing to talk to any party who shared its core belief in constitutional, democratic and peaceful politics.

Green Party must be ‘open’ to coalition with major parties – Ryan (Irish Times)


18 thoughts on “Preparing For Power

  1. bisted

    …in a week that environmental science has pointed to NO2 pollution as causing the death of over 1000 people in Ireland…mostly caused by diesal engines…take a bow greens…

  2. eoin

    The reality is, based on May’s election results, the Greens could well be the #3 party in the Dail after the next election with 10-15 TDs. The FFers look on course for 55-60 seats. So, a FF + Green coalition with a handful of Independents might be enough to form a majority government, and there are some who thought we’d never see one of those again. So, what the Greens were really saying over the weekend “[we’re] willing to talk to any party who shared its core belief in constitutional, democratic and peaceful politics” means they’re willing to go back into coalition with FF, hopefully sharper than in 2007-2011. Bring it on, a FF/Green set-up can’t possibly be worse than the Harris-Murphy-Bruton-Kehoe-English circus.

    1. B9Com From No

      It so won’t happen

      That was a mid term protest vote

      When the reality of hard Brexit looms, people will be scared easily into resuming their sheep like preference for the tried and true, and will despise the Green tax and spend model. We’re not good enough for these Holy Joe’s

    2. V

      Ah c’mon Eoin
      You know better than to apply local % outcomes to extrapolate a National prediction

      And proof that’s easy to hand
      The eFFers were already the biggest party at Local before the May’19 run
      And those previous local %s didn’t repeat in the 2016 General
      And not just for the eFFers either

      The eFFers will up their seat count at the next General
      But that’s not because they did well in the 2019 locals
      It’s because People are going back to the big party establishment politics

      Which I predicted ages ago anyway

      I’m calling a tight finish with FF and FG both in access of 40 seats but less than 50
      Neither have the quality candidates in great numbers
      A bump for the greens +4 maybe 5
      A bump for Labour +2 maybe 3
      Same for the Soc D’s

      Shinners, Indos and PbP collectives to be the sources
      Plus there are 2 more seats up for the taking – and one of those is proper old school scrap between FF and Labour

      FF will be in the next Government
      But will it be with the Shinners and Greens + Healy Rae’s
      Or by taking their turn with the Confidence and Supply mechanism

      55 to 60 seats?!? Seriously
      I’ll have what you’re having

      1. B9Com From No

        I think he’s banking on FG being wiped out V
        In that scenario, yes

        A lot more bad news to come for this shower

        1. V

          As much as a wipe out would be a lovely thing to see

          It won’t happen

          Shur even Stephen Donnelly is going to struggle v Harris
          Leo will top the poll
          Whereas his opposite number -MeMartin won’t even outpoll the lad he’s sharing the ticket with
          And I’m not so sure they’ll win back Billie’s North Central seat

      2. eoin

        You can distil a lot of info Vanessa from locals and Euros which is relevant to a general election, the mood, the issues, the trend etc and if we have an election in the next few months (I was hoping Shane Ross would call “halt!” when his judicial appointments bill was kicked into touch again last week, and you never know from week to week), I would expect FF to get 55-60 (up from 45 today) and 10-15 for the Greens (up from two today).

        Sure, the FF candidates mightn’t be world beating, but, like the two fat fupps trying to outrun the chasing lion, FF just has to outrun the other fat fupp.

        1. V

          All you can distill from LE’19 is that the voter wants the stability of establishment Party Politicians
          And the possibility that the Green Wave over Europe has landed here
          There is nothing to be learned from the EU final numbers that’s of any use for the next General
          With the exception of the By-elections (if they happen)
          Which might just be + 2 for the Greens

          One thing for sure from the LEs Eoin
          Local grassroot Party Machines are where elections are won and lost

  3. Pee Pee

    The Greens are doing well because of young voters. They like the young Greens, not Ryan, Cuffe, Gormley etc, who are sadly not radical enough. Greens have some excellent new representatives such as Saoirse McHugh, Peter Kavanagh, Una Power, and many others.

  4. Truth in the News

    When they were in Government from 2007 to 2011 what have they show for it, how did
    they protect the interests of the Irish People, how did they deal with the Banking Crisis
    they clung on to power, incidentally for a party that espouses the principles of a green
    environment, whats their policy on the Protection of Irish Landscape and they way its
    being blighted by Wind Farms, there is not a word out of them.
    I also presume they all walked or cycled to their recent Party Gathering or did they

  5. Joe

    Eamon Ryan once again can’t wait to totally sell out his party for a few ministerial pensions and be bought out once again by Fianna Fail/Gael. They were a total disgrace the last time they were in government and they will be a disgrace once again if their membership allows them to be sold out.

    Still it appears they have one or two members with integrity “Saoirse McHugh and Lorna Bogue arguing trenchantly against any agreement with Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil.” at their party meeting

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