Regular Like Clockwork



This morning.

David Douglas writes:

A walk amongst the…wait a minute! Every single week someone throws a newspaper full of fresh shit along the [River] Dodder walk by the Aviva. Anyone know why!?

Sounds like a healthy bran-based diet.




Conall writes:

It’s not all hooman poo on that stretch of the Dodder. Opposite what you might call ‘Poo Corner’, lives this beautiful heron (above) – whom I commune with on a daily basis and who is, I can assure all, enchanted by his surroundings.

22 thoughts on “Regular Like Clockwork

  1. Jdawgs

    I know it’s disgusting but it could be some homeless people. There are a few in tents around there and I’ve seen a place just near Baggot Bridge where it’s like an open toilet.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I would think this is likely the answer. Ireland’s equivalent of Kenya’s flying toilets. Probably something sent more often, but mostly hits the canal itself

    1. Jonickal

      Or how about homeless, but let’s not crap in the middle of the path and find a bush to do it in?

    2. Dhaughton99

      Last year, there was a story on SoR in the morning, where, think it was in Clontarf, every morning for months, nappies were being left on a certain street. Someone ended up doing a sting and turned out a woman was traveling from Kildare to go to work in some fancy place at the back of the IFSC and just brought them with her to leave along this street.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        As a Kildare man, this disgusts me! I would not mind only there are plenty of public bins that could be used in the county. this is just plain trashy!

  2. class wario

    could’ve just left a copy of the indo there and had a newspaper full of hooman poop without the mess

  3. Paulus

    When ever I hear of a heron and poo in the same sentence – I think of Bertie.
    (Not the one round here).

  4. Begorrah, The Dream

    Dear Sir,

    Every single week someone throws a newspaper full of fresh opinion along the River Dodder walk by the Aviva.

    I consider this more of a convenience than paying online for a subscription.

    Yours, etc.,

    Paul Delaney, Dalkey.

  5. Nialler

    There’s been major discussions on this in local groups, DCC were supposed to be monitoring the situation, I can see they’re up to their usual standards. Never mind human sh1t, the area is full of dog sh1t too, end up doing a hulk smash jump with my grandson every 30 secs bringing him to creche (he does enjoy it though) to avoid the dog sh1t on the way there.

    1. B9Com From No


      Talk about a demotion.

      Okay so Byrne, today you’re on poop watch!

    2. Mart

      If they let a private company collect €50 for each person caught, on the spot fine style this would soon stop. I’ve lived and worked in a lot of places in Dublin, worst I’ve ever seen is along East Wall but around the Dodder is awful too. I’d love to know how many people have ever been prosecuted in Dublin for not cleaning up after their dog, is there anyway to find out? I also want to find out how many people have been prosecuted for smoking on Dublin Bus, I suspect none but again , is there a way to look these things up?

  6. weezer

    I work near Granby Place on Parnell Square and a well dressed elderly man has a can of coke in hand and a poo down the wall about the same time every day, exact same spot. I sympathise for people currently homeless but this is by choice, I’m assuming, and either a dirty protest or mental health issues.
    There’s also a man who wanders round with a towel round his shoulders and nothing else. Parnell Sq is great craic altogether.

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