Stop that.

For pity’s sake.

Absurd handbaggery before a ball is thrown in the Mayo Vs Kerry (in gold) match yesterday at Croke Park.

No cards?


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    1. dav

      should still be in the referees’ report and bans should be handed out. think of the big fight that happened in the tunnel a few years back – the game hadn’t started but it was in the referee’s report.
      Nothing will be done about this as the match was on sky and nobody saw it

      1. Rugbyfan

        Agree Dav, bit like the omerta re concussion in GAA, this type of stuff is ignored.
        when the compromised rules is on the ads on TV generally show the bangs and the punches to get the fans reved up!

      2. A Person

        It was on RTE 1. Do you really thing that there should be bans for a bit of shoving? Kerry were dead right – don’t let the so-called best midfielder ever (O’Shea) bully them. And it worked.

        1. dav

          was it on rte? I’m surprised the gaa didn’t sell it to sky along with everything else.

  1. B9Com From No


    Once saw the great Ciaran whatshisface ( Dublin thug) punch a guy straight out before the ball came in.
    Indeed he just ran on and did it, they weren’t even lined up like this. I felt like I was the only person in the ground of 40,000 odd who saw it. It didn’t even merit a cheer or any sort of response. Thing is, kids who play Gaelic NEVER resort to this. This type of cheating is only widespread in Gaelic and rugger. Oh and cricket of course.

  2. V

    You know I saw this and knew it would rock up here

    That 20 seconds was the best Mayo played

    1. BS

      why was my comment edited? Was it the bit about domestic violence? Fine I’ll leave that bit out. But apart from that, and having a scrap outside the pub of a Saturday night where else can they let their natural instincts come out?

      1. A Person

        How can you equate shoving on a GAA field with toxic masculinity and domestic violence? Please explain and provide some backup for this comment?

  3. Gooch

    Nothing to see except a bit of shouldering. Stuff much worse than that is classed as ‘unbelievable intensity’ in rugby because it’s legal.

    1. Rugbyfan

      rte commentators, presenters and pundits’ favourite term in nearly every comment about the GAA football this year is physicality. They love it as it distracts from an otherwise dull sport. Give me hurling any day.

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