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  1. eoin

    State in grip of charities and not-for-profit companies providing services which should be provided by the State.

    Exhibit #1, the Examiner kindly passes on the message from the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, a private sector charity that does a good line in property investment. It claims demand for its services is at an all time high. But how can this be, isn’t Charlie Flanagan claiming the increase in the figures is down to victims being more prepared to come forward and report, so the Examiner headline “State in grip of sexual violence crisis” is bogus, eh Charlie? In truth, we don’t really know if the increased crime figures are due to more crime, or more reporting. In any event, the HSE should provide rape counselling services, it’s therapy and counselling which is a HSE proficiency.

    Exhibit #2, the Times Ireland carries a report on a survey by the Asthma Society of Ireland about attitudes to pollution in Dublin. How many people were surveyed? 160. Were they randomly chosen? Who knows, who can tell. What we do know is we give €300k a year to the ASI, Ciara Kelly has just joined its board, and in my opinion, its services should be provided by the HSE.

        1. eoin

          Sounds like the DRCC should spend its money on counselling then, not property investment.

          If rape counselling were to be taken over by the HSE, it could be done more cheaply, professionally and consistently. And the HSE doesn’t do property speculation.

          1. dav

            “If rape counselling were to be taken over by the HSE, it could be done more cheaply, professionally and consistently. And the HSE doesn’t do property speculation”

            Are you feeling ok? The HSE? who’s record on “cheaply, professionally and consistently” is soo good these days.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The HSE hasn’t gone back to its old ways. It never deviated from them in the first place. Likewise Simon Harris who wouldn’t answer when asked twice yesterday ‘When did you become aware of this’. He proceeded to answer questions he wasn’t asked the first time, and repeated the same the second time. Therefore making it obvious that he was hiding something. Maybe he should do a Varadkar on it, and check with his ‘staff’

  3. eoin

    Interesting insight into the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation as two men plead guilty to attempting to murder a rival


    The reporting is fairly confused, but it seems there’s at least one “confidential source” in the DTO, it suggests the use of trackers on cars for surveillance [by the Gardai, or gangs, or both] and it suggests the Gardai can get recordings of mobile phone conversations, presumably from the mobile phone company because both parties on the line are quoted, you’d think DTO would have more secure communications. Mind you, this case goes back to 2017, and they may now be using encrypted phones.

    One of the individuals who pleaded guilty was previously questioned about the murder of that poor Romanian girl.

  4. eoin

    There should be alarm bells going off at the sale by CRH of its builders merchants business to arch US vulture Blackstone. Chap from Davy says this morning it’s a good deal because CRH is disposing of a business arm which isn’t generating great returns. But vulture Blackstone tends to chase very high returns. Can Blackstone see opportunities which are being missed by CRH? Building materials inflation in Ireland is muted at around 2% a year at present. Somehow, I think that rate of inflation will increase….

    It’s concerning news for us because we are in the depths of a housing supply crisis and the last thing we need is a vulture controlling a significant source for the supply of building materials.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      I think you need to reread the article(s) again fella.

      1 – they are not selling of their materials business.

      2 – the merchant business they are selling are based in 6 European countries.

      3 – the sale accounts for €1.6b our of a total of €26b

      4 – the buy and sell businesses all the time.

      5 – but don’t let a good flap get in the way of a better moan.

  5. eoin

    This is some roll-call of shame of those fined €6,000-14,000 for not paying tolls on the M50. Gwan Judge Bernaette Owens!


    Any famous names there at all?

    “Patrick Holohan, of Dromcarra Avenue, Jobstown, Tallaght, was fined €6,000. Judge Owens was told his car had a record of 151 trips and no payments. He had also been sent 453 letters but the motorway operator received no contact from him, the court was told.”

    Isn’t Patrick a Sinn Fein councillor?

      1. B9Com From No

        I think it’s owned by TII
        But that doesn’t mean anything
        Could still be outsourced

        It’s amazing how Eoin, the champion of pouting about public sector graft, waste and corruption thinks the real story here is that some Shinner no one had ever heard of before didn’t pay a few tolls. Shows his agenda

    1. B9Com From No

      I call BS on this story about the letters.
      Who sends that many letters? These are auto generated.

      The fines are incrementally disproportionate to the scale of the offense and someone needs to take a case against these parasitical scum. If you ring and tell them to F off they almost always immediately back down and accept the list price of the unpaid toll: I had one scumbag try
      to threaten me with a limited time reduced offer one day and I ate him alive, called his boss, reported him for using threats and menaces etc

      If you do forget to pay these scum ring up and offer them the list price and then record the phone call in a note and maybe put it in email, they will write off almost all of the incremental fines in my experience

      *note this post was not brought to you by members of the postman pat collective

      1. SOQ

        Yes they never go after the additional charges if the original price is paid late.

        It is an absolute license to print money.

      2. Cian

        True. They just want to be paid for the usage.
        The huge fines are the threat to make you pay the smaller toll.

    1. Johnny Green

      -thanks B9 will give it a listen,post in should be up on schedule today,hopefully :)

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