Try Again, Féile Better


This morning.

The ‘Big Gig’ at Semple Stadium is back.

Via MCD:

The town of Thurles, as well as the original promoters MCD, and the organisers of last year’s sell out FÉILE Classical concerts, are delighted to announce that this year’s festival will now be named FÉILE 19.

Previously titled Tipp Classical, the legendary music event which runs September 20 – 22 has revived its original moniker and with a host of new events and acts added…

Those making the Trip to Tipp this September will feast their ears on music curated by Tom Dunne of Something Happens, who performed at FÉILE ’90, ’91 and ’93, and will this year also be returning to the stage alongside some of the most legendary names in Irish rock and roll, including the one and only Sinead O’Connor.

Good times.

Tickets here

43 thoughts on “Try Again, Féile Better

      1. V

        You’re right
        And actually just after they came on the scene in Cork a certain Dublin band
        Also on the bill above
        Added FC to their own name

        Only for a bit tho – maybe a year

        When the Sultans took off into another league altogether
        they weren’t long winding back down to their original, as it is now today.

      1. martco

        he’s a decent fella TD, no celeb nonsense off him
        jasus thinking about that period, the number of Irish bands that almost made it…

        1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

          A House, early Aslan, The Subterraneans, Blue in Heaven, The Golden Horde… it was a good time to be a young man around town with a biker jacket and no motorbike.

          1. Otis Blue

            “The sun goes down on Galway Bay
            The daughter goes down on me
            Her dad’s not due till one or maybe two
            And I’m as happy as I’ll ever be…”

  1. Custo

    Is “Thin Lizzy’s Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous plus Eric Bell and guests” the longest band name of all time?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    “The Féile Walking Tour” LOL!

    ” ….and this is where Joe rested his flagan before Jim kicked it over.
    Follow me now, and we’ll go to the house where Katie got a full Irish for £2.50 old money….”

    Ah no… fair dues… Wendy James an’ all… G’wan ya good thing!! :)

    1. V

      not when she knocks a pint of Murphys
      with blackcurrant
      over you when you’re, as the kids say
      cracking on
      with one of the Burning Embers lads

      And when I say over you
      I mean the sitting position when from boobs to knees
      via the crotch
      gets pasted

      Not even the gelled hair-sprayed into rigid mullet survived

      to close off: fortunately I was is great shape then, and I think it was Tony O’Donohue, went and got me one of the Cypress Mines t-shirts he was trying to sell, so I stripped off there in the Grand Parade Green Room (Henry’s Green Room was at the entrance to Xhandas at the time)

        1. V

          Never thought of it that way

          And being honest about it
          I’m surprised she’s that far up the bill

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Nothing like a run in with someone famous, makes for a good story :)

            Me, I was next up on a pool table, when some curly headed fella attempted to jump in ahead.
            I said “excuse me, there’s a queue, and I’m next”
            He replied, “do you know who I am” brashly.
            I rolled my eyes and replied firmly “no, and I don’t care who you are”

            It was Paddy Casey.

            I played on :)

  3. V

    You know
    I started constructing a post about the Cork Rocks, Hot Press Band of the Year thing, and of course the Lark by the Lee days
    That ran well before Féile

    And I was listing off a string of acts around the Cork scene at the time
    Kinda humming together a bit of a suggestion about doing a vintage mini festival in the Marquee there for all of us

    I then realised I had exs and one nighters
    in most of the acts

    So I’ll leave it

    btw lads, do ye know who started and put the Trip to Tipp together originally?

    Michael Lowry, so don’t forget to include him in yere memories of the greatest town and pitch in Ireland

      1. V

        That’s right
        He actually got the idea from the Langers organising Siamsa (Cois Laoi) to pay off the Pairc

        BTW did you know in the ’89 Victory Lap of Thurles’ Liberty Square
        Lowry had all the lights turned off on the players bus so the fans all had to go up and pay into to see the team and the McCarthy Cup

  4. V

    Can I just say
    Without lads going bananas on me

    But this Food for Life; and area Curated by Chef Kevin Thornton
    a savage betrayal to Thurles and Semple,
    the Trip to Tipp and the Féile legend and tradition

    it should read
    Catering tents and Grub area minded by the local lad off the telly Kevin – one’ah the Tortons with the fancy Resturant up there in Dublin
    Ting Foil Hang, Egg and Salad Sangwiches, Tea and Swiss Roll, and Chipper Vans with bun burgers in Sars field,
    Choc Ices, Bars, Minerals and Crisps behind the New Stand
    and High Teas in the Greyhound track
    Down the Town for chicken wings and paninis

    1. Otis Blue


      I remember Cork All-Ireland days outside Mulligans on Poolbeg St where there was always the same middle aged gent passing around cruibins out of tinfoil.

      As it should be.

      1. V

        If it’s who I think it is
        Are we talking 60′ 70s & 80s and 1990?

        Well that man’s (or maybe his Dad)was a guard stationed in town
        Originally from the North Mall/ Pope’s Quay/ Marsh
        Anyway was stationed up in Dublin from the start and never moved back as all his family moved to Dagenham

        I’ve never touched a crubeen in my life
        Nor an inch of tripe
        Same for Drisheen
        I’m a bad Langer


        1. Otis Blue

          00’s onwards for me but I was given to believe that he was a fixture over the years.

          I presume Dagenham was a Ford connection- the Dagenham Yanks as they became known locally.

          1. V

            Dagenham Yank anseo
            Yep. When Ford’s in Dagenham came on line, they recruited from their Cork factory

            Don’t know about who that might have been in the noughties so Otis
            Maybe some lad kept it going – I’ll ask the crowd over on PV tho (when I have the stomach for the effin flakey hoors)
            A lot of the old ‘Up for the match’ traditions have died off
            I blame the pretty poor 90s myself
            Opened with a double, picked up a football,
            Btw that AI was the last day of the original Cusack Stand
            And you know, the Croke Park redevelopment could have had a lot to do with it too.
            Because when we got our next win
            The canal end still wasn’t right
            Not that it mattered to us like
            But for years there, tickets were murder to get and the old lads weren’t in the humour for the new stands either

            Even the Tipp lads Bloody Sunday one drew very few numbers that last time they were in an AI

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