Quest For Truth


Minister for Health Simon Harris

This morning.

It has emerged that 52 of the 800 women impacted by the reported IT problems in the Quest Diagnostics laboratory have contracted the HPV virus.

Social Democrats co-leader Róisín Shortall has called on the Minister for Health Simon Harris to “provide immediate answers” to the following:

1. Have all 52 women who tested positive for HPV on the Quest retest been notified of their results?

2. Have they all been referred for appropriate follow-up?

3. Have the other 750 women and their GPs been notified of their retest results?

4. What is the level of clinical risk for the 52 women who tested positive?

5. What action was taken by the HSE in February when they became aware of these problems with Quest?

6. Why were the Patient Advocates not informed of these issues at the Steering Group meeting on 26th June?

7. What action does the Minister intend to take to restore public confidence in CervicalCheck?

8. Does the Minister intend to review the Quest contract in light of these quality control failures?”


52 more positive for HPV in test scandal (Irish Examiner)

Yesterday: When Did he Know?


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9 thoughts on “Quest For Truth

  1. eoin

    “But the correspondence, which was started by ‘Sharon’ in early April with the department, indicates that red flags were being raised and gives us a sense of timelines.” says RTE

    “early April 2019”?

    Responded to by Simon Harris assistant on 6 June 2019.

    Simon becomes aware in July, three months after “early April”. When Cervical Check is red-hot news? Hmmm.

  2. RuilleBuille

    The elephant in the room is why did we outsource testing to American firms whose system of testing is once a year as opposed to our once every three years? Three year testing therefore had to be more exacting than one year testing due to the variation in the length of time between testing.

    Cui bono?

    1. Cian

      Except that the USA test every 3 years now. And cervical check specified the standard to which the companies needed to perform.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So, ‘low clinical risks’ – the soundbite of this week already turns out to be another Harris lie.
    The boy has to lie. It’s all he knows at this stage.
    Not on top of his brief, and certainly doesn’t seem to take much interest in the Cervical Smear scandal.
    Just go. Go now.

  4. Ron

    It’s all a disgrace and has now crossed the line from incompetence and ineptitude and were now on the verge of what one might call corporate manslaughter in the private sector.

    So what’s everyone going to do about it besides relecting him. Every vote for Simon Harris is a vote that says your ok with women dying from this.

    The electorate are allowing this freak show to continue. Shame on you all. Pathethic

    1. Termagant

      Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s someone else, I don’t pay a lot of attention. But you or someone likes you keeps posting things like this. What would you have us do? We didn’t vote Simon into the department of health, FG didn’t run last GE on a platform of appointing Simon to the department of health, there’s no GE on the horizon any time soon for us to change it. It’s not like every day we wake up and have a bit of an old vote and decide to keep these people where they are. What is it that the electorate is doing or not doing that is making you so upset at them?

      What are YOU going to do about it Ron?

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