Rock Down To Electric Avenue



This afternoon.

Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2.

Grattan Healy tweetz:

Electric vehicle not even connected & blocking EV charging point…

Not just an ICE problem. Indeed it seems neither EV is actually charging.

We need amendments to parking laws ASAP if the EV thing is going to work ⁦…


15 thoughts on “Rock Down To Electric Avenue

  1. Seanan

    Once the connected car is fully charged, the account holder is charged a fixed rate for every minute they overstay.
    If the PHEV or BEC is not plugged in and is blocking others from charging…tow them away, FCPN, clamp .etc

  2. blahblahblah

    Speaking from experience, among the worst offenders are those who leave their ecar hooked into the fast chargers and head off for the day. Even though the car is finished after 30 mins. Sometimes you can’t even pull the plug to charge your own if its locked in via the car’s internal charge lock, incredible selfishness. I’m onto you, repeat offending Tesla driver at Stillorgan Luas stop.
    I’m actually looking forward to the fee system coming in if it helps prevent such behaviour.

    1. Pip

      It’s a serious problem alright.
      The red emergency button on the fast charger is your man if its still charging
      (make sure to turn it after to restart charger), but if the damn thing is locked in I guess
      you’re still sunk. Appalling behaviour.
      Have met quite a few unpleasant, entitled characters since I went electric.
      And some really nice people too.

      1. blahblahblah

        On the one hand you meet some lovely folk at the charging units, exchanging stories of distances travelled etc. I had a good informative chat with a Leaf taxi driver just the other day. Most people understand quickly that fast chargers are only for 15-minute topping-up when there are others waiting, or that its considerate to let the others know if you need to take longer.

        On the other hand you get types like the Tesla owner (I’m honestly noticing a trend in the past few years) who gave me the stink-eye when he got back to his car, because I had the cheek to pull the plug myself from his 100% charge – I had waited at the stop for 45+ minutes for it to finish and disengage the lock while he himself was nowhere to be found, and as there were no other functioning(!) chargers in the area and my battery was low I was obliged to sit there.
        These days I keep a jumbo marker and a pack of post-its in the glove box, so that I can leave a “back in 5” message on my car if I run to get a coffee. Handy also if I should want to leave passive-aggressive messages on the cars of selfish people.

  3. scottser

    the botties always get the new stuff first, so they can lay down a culture of naughty-boos before the rest of us get there. i noticed it with walkmans when i was younger and sure enough, those botties had the first mobile phones and now they drive electric cars.

  4. Niallo

    Its not going to work, that much should be obvious.
    “100k for a tesla ? sure i own the gaff”

    Ev def not much use if your in the sticks anyway.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Yep, these chargers on the street are a bit thick. Why not have ‘filling stations’ for electric vehicles like normal service stations? That way everyone knows where to charge. You can fit.more vehicles side by side in such a filling station so no great delays waiting for a fill up.
    You don’t find a diesel pump on the footpath.

    1. Niallo

      I proposed this years ago and was laughed at (might be again)
      What you do is, manufacture loads of say golfball sized batteries, polarised so they always connect the right way round, charge them and put them in a hopper.
      Motorist pulls into the “filling station”
      Releases the dead batteries from his tank, they drop into a gully, roll off and get charged to go back in the hopper.
      Then he puts the filler nozzle ifeom the “pump” in his car and fills up with charged batteries.
      That will work because the infrastructure is more or less in place, beats reinventing the wheel with this nonsense.
      Oh, and for an encore, make parking spaces inductive charging loops.
      …thats if you insist on silly ev’s which are a monumentally bad idea in environmental terms.
      The worst case of snake oil this commenter has ever heard of.
      The power still has to be generated and that power will come from fossil fuel until people get ocer their hysterical notions on nuclear power.

      Now, hydrogen fuel cells on the other hand, theres a technology you can believe in.
      And it works, just ask honda.

    1. Murtles

      Correct Joe but the car is fully charged in 30 minutes. These entitled knobjockeys leave their car there for the day.

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