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Get your wellies.

KnockanStockan has firmly established itself as the best festival in the land for new music and certainly has the most picturesque setting looking down on the Blessington lakes.

Thanks to my friends at Good Seed PR, I am offering you the chance to win TWO weekend CAMPING passes for the three-day hooley in County Wicklow which starts TOMORROW.

Featuring an eye-watering array of Irish and international acts over multiple stages, including Soda Blonde (ex-Little Green Cars) and ace DJ Donal Dineen, it promises to be one of the highlights of the summer.

To enter simply tell me below about your favourite experience at an Irish music festival over the years. The answer will be chosen by my Burmese cat Peadar.

Lines MUST close at 1am 7.30am.

Nick says: Good luck!

KnockanStockan 2019

UPDATE: We have a winner

46 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Free Tix

  1. Dillon Quinn

    My favourite experience was dressing two girls in my own designs at Body & Soul this year for their own sustainable fashion talk at The Living Lab. It was a dream to see my work showcased at such a big festival & the talk was excellent! Really added a highlight to my festival weekend & that evening I seen my favorite rapper Cupcakke!!!! How can I top that festival? Maybe at Knockanstockan ;) I know I won’t forget it!

  2. B9Com From No

    At Feile (the original second one) there was much talk of an orgy taking place somewhere around Liberty Square.
    There was in its botty boo

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        I know.
        I’ve been to hundreds of gigs but overnight? Nope.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Is it too much to ask for someone to organise a festival in Dublin 15 so I can nip home to use the loo and sleep in a clean bed?

          2. bertie blenkinsop

            I only really understand about half of what you write SOQ so I’ll nod and smile :)

    1. Termagant

      You could try Sea Sessions, it’s basically in Bundoran do a lot of people hostel it

      We camp folk have no respect for the hostel people but it’s still allowed

      Also you don’t have to stick up on cabs beforehand, you can just walk to Tesco, it’s VERY convenient

  3. millie st murderlark

    Nick, you fupping tease! That’s no time to arrange a babysitter.

    Whoever wins these, I am massively jealous of already. Knockanstockan was an absolutely brilliant experience last time I was there. I’d kill to be going again.

    Saw some amazing bands, purely by chance. Got lost, found a soulmate in the queue for the portaloos and ended up on a bizarre hunt for lizard people.

  4. SOQ

    My first ‘festival’ in Ireland was where the sun shined- which was quite an achievement given that it was in the bowels of Armagh Castle at night. I met Jesus there- or at least someone who looked quite like him. We look back and laugh now- mainly when our Vet friend brings some decent K.

    Seriously- any decent DJ’s or is it changed tempo every 3 minutes because they look good on a Mac and have no real idea what they are doing?

    1. SOQ

      It’s above Tallaght- WHICH IS THE SAME SIZE AS BELFAST- except Dublin Bus provides roughly half same service into the city centre.

      No surprise really as Aengus Ó Snodaigh has difficulty walking while keeping the knuckles off the pavement.

  5. Electriclady

    My most memorable festival experiance over the last few years was the one time I took a piece of paper with an unknown substance that makes you lose all inhibitions, as I was dancing in a tent under the beautiful glittering lights my mind began to free, all of a sudden I seen the drummer on stage take off his clothes and in an act of solidarity I decided to take off my top and bra and jump on stage to join him :-) Coincidently this band was a frequent performer at knockanstockan back then. Needless to say I am now more mature and would not be repeating these actions if I were to win the tickets ;)

  6. Rachel Maloney

    Hi, I really want the tickets to have a magical groovy time. I spent a week at Body & Soul helping to make two beautiful art installiations hanging in the woods with an amazing artist & as an art student the art work at festivals is my favorite part of the weekends. Id love to see all the creatives come to life at Knockanstockan & Maybe bring some of my crochet pieces to showcase across the weekend! I have my poochie outfits ready, all i need is a ticket please baby.

    Love sweet child, Rachel xx

    ps. pick me

  7. The Wha?

    I love music. It was the noughties. It was Oxegen. It was the first time you could buy floral patterned fashionable wellies.
    Everyone wanted to go see Richard Ashcroft.
    I didn’t. I managed to persuade a bunch of my friends to go see The Who and James Brown on the other stage.
    James Brown was amazing. It was seeing The Who that made it the best festival experience though.
    Nobody knew any of The Who’s songs or why it meant so much for me to see them.
    My first love, the guy who brought me to my debs was mad about The Who. Each song was a memory of the nineties. Remembering the nineties in the noughties through songs of the sixties… magic!
    I’m back with him now and would love to bring him to KnockanStockan.

    1. Itchysays

      Sounds like a Winner to me @ Wha… dont really need a reason to appreciate the Who….but that’s as good a reason as I’ve ever heard !

      Myself festival wise ?
      Donnington 1984.
      look it up…that takes some beating.

    2. V

      It does tbh
      And probably what Nick has aiming for

      I’d be only making a show of us all posting about the Ballybunion Bachelors Festival
      Or going from Lisdoon to the Fleadh
      And hanging around for Puck and then the Rose
      All out’ve a bag that was smaller than the handbag I use today
      And from a time when we thumbed to get anywhere
      btw, it was also the summer we managed to bate Kerry so we were strutting around Killarney, Tralee and Killorgan etc like rock stars

      There was also the RamJam in Camden – which I still can’t remember whether it was two days or three days straight

      Or the Mean Fiddler’s Irish Week where I thought I was the next Bebe Bluell

      But shur I want that Dillon lad there
      Who makes the frocks to win

      And my days of kipping in a tent
      Depends on who with, of course
      Are pretty much well behind me

        1. Ve

          Ah stop
          I’ve just been over to your Instagram Showroom

          What are ya trying to do to me
          MOG t’night

  8. Clampers Outside!

    It was the Trailer Park, at Electric Picnic…. I met a wonderful person whom I hadn’t laid eyes on since a work leaving party, my own, some years earlier.

    She had given me a lovely leaving card that night. It professed all sorts of lovely things in it.
    I went travelling for six months, and on my return, I learnt that she had gone to do some travelling too…

    Time rolled by.

    We didn’t meet again until that Sunday night in the Trailer Park at EP 2013…. a whole 14 years later.

    We sat on a tree stump by the magic mushrooms. The night was warm, I was fuzzy.
    I can still see the flickering of the festival behind her, and her smile, as intermittent lights teasingly lit her face up… we laughed and talked for hours that night.

    We got married last year, and have a beautiful son together. None of which would have happened had we not met by chance again that Sunday night in Stradbally.

    I still have the card too …which I read aloud to her one night at another EP. She rolled her eyes and said, “I can’t believe you kept that, hide it, put it away” ;0)

    That Sunday in the Trailer Park 2013… best EP ever.

    Best bands I’ve seen there…. hmmm, too many… but two stand out gigs… London Grammar for the atmosphere, and METZ for the energy :)

    – – – –
    I’ve a late feed to do now… and we wouldn’t be able to go this weekend.

    Good luck to whoever wins, you never know who you’ll meet :)

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Fair play Clamps, delighted things worked out for you both…

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