Nick’s KnockanStockan Winner


Morning all.

Yesterday I asked you to post your favourite memory of an Irish music festival for our competition to win TWO three-day camping passes to this weekend’s KnockanStockan festival in County Wicklow which kicks off today.

You answered in your tens.

Some of your posts made me laugh out loud. Some left me a little confused!

Some were inspirational. And some were really poignant.

This was a tough one to call. So with sincere apologies to Dillon, Rachel, Electriclady and Millie, the tickets go to the reader called The Wha? who gets to bring an old friend to the festival:

The Wha? wrote:

I love music. It was the noughties. It was Oxegen. It was the first time you could buy floral patterned fashionable wellies.
Everyone wanted to go see Richard Ashcroft.
I didn’t. I managed to persuade a bunch of my friends to go see The Who and James Brown on the other stage.James Brown was amazing. It was seeing The Who that made it the best festival experience though.
Nobody knew any of The Who’s songs or why it meant so much for me to see them.
My first love, the guy who brought me to my Debs was mad about The Who. Each song was a memory of the nineties. Remembering the nineties in the noughties through songs of the sixties… magic! I’m back with him now and would love to bring him to KnockanStockan.

Congratulations and thank you all for your great posts.

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21 thoughts on “Nick’s KnockanStockan Winner

    1. Slightly Bemused

      If you click on the link at the bottom of the piece it brings you to the original posting, and The Wha? is about 2/3 down the comments.

      Clampers’ post is worth a nice ‘awww’ too :)

  1. millie st murderlark

    Congrats The Wha!

    Knockanstockan was one of my fave festivals of the past few years. I really hope you and the first love have a brilliant weekend :)

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Well done to you, The Wha?! hope it is a great weekend for you.

    I am saving myself for TribFest on the august weekend. ‘Tis old I am getting, and I doubt I could do 2 festivals of a summer, these days :(

  3. jeremy kyle

    I was at Oxegen that year, I just remember half the camp site being on fire and James Brown being absolutely tiny.

  4. AFoxIndeed

    I was there, managed to get into the pit for the Who.. to say no one knew who they were except her is the most hipster with hindsight thing ever… should be disqualified

    1. Papi

      Or is “mentioning” you got into the pit the most hipster with hindsight thing ever? We may never know.

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