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13 thoughts on “Unputdownable

  1. Christy Mahon snr

    I hope Ms Keyes’ writing is sharper than her wit, and I use the word lightly. Tobín has binned better than anything she’s had published.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Her cookbook is, it must be said, excellent. Not wild on her novels, mind.

    2. pedeyw

      Toibin was being a pretentious gobpoo in the first place, to be honest. I also have to ask how would you know he’s “binned better than anything she’s had published” when you you appear to have never read any of her work?

  2. class wario

    Hilarious how a woman daring to make a pretty funny dig at Toibin is immediately met by the cynical male gatekeepers of literature telling her how terrible she is, apropos of nothing

  3. HoneyPot

    Whether you enjoy reading a Nobel Laureate’s novels or a good thriller, it makes you no better than anyone else. Reading is a hobby – you should enjoy it, not suffer through.

    I do remember trying to read a Tóibín book once and happily “forgetting” to finish it halfway through.

    Never read a Keyes book either, though I like her wit and lack of snobbery.

  4. Lilly

    Keyes can dish it but can’t take it. I recall her gushing all over Marian Finucane during an interview a while back, only to decide in hindsight that she had been interrogated by the harridan from hell, and lashing out at her on Twitter.

  5. V

    She really gets into the Silly Season swing of things

    Last year
    Wasn’t there some pretty intolerant sniping about the Presidential

    I dunno about this load of oul’ handbags
    Since I’m no one to talk about other people’s writings

    But Brooklyn was a Hollywood buy and got full production weight and budget
    And a proper red carpet rollout

    And it’s lead an Oscar Nomination

    I suppose I am qualified to pass a remark
    Or a whole load of them
    About results and commercial outcomes

    1. Lilly

      As far as Colm Tobin’s work goes, I wasn’t crazy about Brooklyn but really enjoyed The Master. Whatever gets people reading is fine by me but I’d have to pass on Marian Keyes. Too wind baggy.

      1. V

        I couldn’t tell ya
        I’ve never read either of their works

        Saw Brooklyn alright
        I’ve seen worse
        Might you the teenager says it’s one of her favourite fillums

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