Wax On, Wax Off


Last night.

John Gallen writes:

Should a woman who runs a waxing service for women be told she must handle male genitalia?

This is what the British Columbia Human Rights are now conducting 16 cases on, cases brought by Canada-born transgender Jessica Yaniv (top).

Niall Boylan, of Classic Hits had Jessica on the radio last night….

Jessica Yaniv

18 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off

  1. newsjustin

    Congratulations “progressive” wokeing class heroes. This is the fruits of your labour.

  2. class wario

    flip off posting recordings of that silly Boylan uploaded by some alt right weirdo

    1. Ian-O

      Yep, seriously, posting crap from boylan is a sure fire way to alienate people from the site.

      I have heard a few clips of his down the years and he’s a rather disturbed person. I was told he even devoted a show to a dog rapist (and when I checked just now, turns out its true). Real hard hitting journalism right there FFS.

  3. jonathan shortall

    Don’t know much about Boylan, hadn’t heard of him before this, but he seems to handle the interview in a very very patient manner, in spite of the fact that this case makes an outrageous sham out of the entire concept of human rights.

  4. AssPants

    Wonderful journalism…..

    So “I used to use the phone, but experienced a lot of discrimination”…….. eh would you ask a plumber to fix your electrics, and if he wouldn’t would he be a discriminator?

    Nothing discriminatory about this….. and now in the UK they are considering making same sex relationship education a statutory requirement of schooling. Eh no thanks….

    1. some old quare

      Why shouldn’t children learn about same sex relationships? Are you afraid it will ‘turn’ some gay?

      They are there, they have always been there, some of those children are gay- what is your problem? No mention of da blacks either I suppose eh?

  5. BS

    Are people finally realising what this is? its all just thinly veiled mysoginy against woman, and particularly lesbians.

    Women are women. Transwomen are transwomen. there is a distinct and very important difference between the 2, and one cannot be the other, and the rights of one, should not encroach on the rights of the other.

    but the woke brigade (usually blokes for some reason) dont like this.

    Trans rights are human rights – well…yes…trans people are human, and therfor have the same human rights as other humans, what they should not have is the same sex based protected righs as women!

  6. A Person

    How is it mysoginy when a woman does not want to touch the male genital of a someone who identifies as a woman? Also where in the world was lesbianism mentioned in the conversation – only by you??! Please explain that rationale.

    1. BS

      It’s mysoginy when a man is taking a woman to court and ruining her livelihood for not wanting to provide an intimate beauty treatment to him

      Lesbians weren’t mentioned in that piece no. But google the cotton ceiling and you’ll see the abuse lesbian women face

  7. Termagant

    Can we all just have a big scrap or something to suss it all out

    An organised race/gender/class/other war where we all join up with our identified cohort and whoever wins is right

  8. BS

    More and more very disturbing things coming out about this man, and that’s what he is, a man. Jonathan yaniv. He is pretending to be a woman in order to access women’s and girls spaces.

    Clearly he has some serious mental health issues, and is of course not representative of the trans community. But the scary thing is the people who jumped to the defence of this man just because he claims to be a woman.


    1. Keira

      This person is deluded, As a trans woman I would never force anyone to carry out a treatment on me unless they were ok about it, It would be one thing if this person had her GRS, Trans woman have laser and electrolysis on their male genitals before surgery this is something that should be cleared with the therapists first. This is giving trans people a bad name.

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